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Assignment of all sides of movi ta funktsiy movlennya

In the process of ovolod by the way of a specific system of signs (phonemes, morphemes, words, syntax constructions), the sign of the function of mobile is developed. In preschoolers, you can take control of all the various systems. Ditina kindly roznієє phoneme and words, just like me, with one phoneme: hatch - varnish; leg -

new toshko Tse svchchit about good rozvineniy phonemeny hearing. Zmenshuєtsya kіlkіst zvukіv movlennya, yakі ditina can not properly enter. Up to 6–7 weeks of cleanness. At the protégé vipadku pushenennya vimovi nabuyvayte of the character and the type of speech therapist. Ditina usvіdomlyuє sound Budu words і verbal warehouse speech. The task of sound analysis of a word is not spontaneous, but it is set before children in a special naval process. Vzhe in 4 Rocks at these children can form a rozrіznennya to the ear of the hard and soft, dvіnki і deaf prigolosnyh, call the first sound in words. Senior doshkіlniki assign the sequence of all the sounds in words.

Vocabulary is significant. Rozumіnnya ditinoyu value slіv staє stabiliznim and positomutivnim. When Tsitom Ditina is intuitively, he will use the sutvic signs of the subject group, and let the word sign. So, by the word "trikutnik" ditina called all the figurs with 3 sides, without reference to colore, rose, material. Sered prikmetnikіv bagato slіv on poznachennya rice nature of the people (fun, evil, dobriy), yakі ditina zavoyu zavdyaki included on a specific situation of mysticism, de ci jakostі manifest: zly, bastard yyytes, yytey zaazha jyytes, yytsy, zyazazhtsyyte yyastoytsya, zly, zaazha dyytes yytey, yty zyakosty manifest: zly, bastardly yyytes, yytey, zyazazhtsyyteyyyyyyyy, de ci yakosti manifest themselves: zlyy, more destructive way, this way, ztya zaazha єyets ytyot, yty ozakosty manifest: zly, bastardly yyytes, zty, zaazha ёtyets, zty, zaazha єyte yets, dey ya daky ustyas appear: dobry, bo dopomagaє Dytena pragne rosses svіv vocabulary, magnetized zrozumіti new word. Such a rank in her is asserted to the system. Neridko, ditina nadіlyaє respect their own merit. K. Chukovskiy, after admiring: “Ditina Nesvіdomo Vimagak, schob at the sounds of the booleans, scribe of the words of the bloc alive ... image; and Yakschoma nema нем, Ditina herself nadaє nezrozumіlomu word bazhanі image that the media.

The fan in neї - the ventilator.


Milіtsіoner - vulitsіoner. Excavator - pіskovator. Whooping cough - cough.

In order to understand the value of the word, the children need to spiral themselves to their personal profile. Naikrashche zvyvoyuyutsya words with yakimi ditina post_yno zustrіchaєtsya that day. Є. A. Archin doslіdiv, scho at the movi ditini 4th p. share іmennikіv pevnoї spadaє zgіdno those of the following list: Zhitlo, їzha, odyag, tvarini, Roslyn, mіsky pobut, Chastain tіla, profesії, tehnіka that іnstrumenti, inanimate nature, hour sotsіalnі yavischa, rodovі ponyattya, geometrichnі fіguri, abstraktnі words.

In the case of a grammatical child, the intensively paradigm of the form of the word (vіdmіni,) is practical, or it is practical to use the words of the word, the sufiksi zokrem. Perchimi (at the beginning of the pre-school period) will be filled with sufixes for the values ​​of change-and-change; positive negative energy ratings.

Making a morphemic warehouse should be noticed and closed in a self-contained form, more typical for children of 2–5 years.
The widespread palette of the child's verbal representation, represented by Korniy Chukovskiy, is in the book “From two to five”. The axis of the clapper to the є:

“Will you be a lump of polivati?”

- So.

“Schobe virosli sishenyata?”

Abo іnshe: “Alive-buv shepherd. His name was Makar. І was the daughter of Makaron. ”

Movie experimentation on the 5th plot is shown at the verbal puns, if ditina pidbiraє words, follow the sounds, kіlka raziv іnteresomom repeat, іх, porіvnyu та that meaning, fun, i love, fun, i love, fun, i love, fun, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it, i love it. Viklikaє in Ditini Inters and Rimuvannya slіv. Z'yavis gras words. Ditina navminno zmіnyuє sounding words, come up with words not spіvvіdnesenі with objects. The moving experiment is a process of active creative pursuit of the system. The word “obedience” is the creation of children, who follow the laws of the creation of words, the interchange of children, who are no longer assimilated. Ditina is not rosy, to whom a goat and a goat cannot be spread over a dragonfly - a dragonfly. For the analogy of poklasti-viklasti Ditina, ask the mother of visoliti zadanto salted soup.

Proceedings in Ditini form Formation, enter into the verbal warehouse rechennya. Send a preschooler talk to a yak stream before a regular message. Dali Vinikaє analіz Іntonatsіyno-smislovih grupp: іmennikіv і дієслів. On the food, skylkas slіv u rechennі “Children are fighting with my baby?”, Child of the children: “Children are the first word, they were playing with their children - friend”. In the final result, children can see all the words, including the service parts.

It is easier to regulate the functions of the movement. Ditina is not just welcome to Vikonuvati, a mature adult, ale pragne, a stink of stench. Dorosly rozvivaє at children of sv_domu vikonnya svoy vimog. In addition to the progress of my child, my child is in high-profile and single-adult accommodation. Інstruktsіі dorogogo ukladnayuyutsya, transmitting the viconan children of the last low. The stinks of a character explaining the order of the robot. For example, I will explain to the children, I’m close to each other, a scab on a small landscape, a landscape, a mushroom. Explanation of the mature superconducting show, and then

robots start samі children. Such zavdannya razvivakatsya zdatnіst priymati that vtrimuvati іnstruktsіyu, scho vіdіgravatime important role in the school navchannі.

Zavdyaki movlennyu ditini rozviva дtsya internal plan for childishness, which was the most practical way for him. Doshkilnik initiation of the children is based on the principle of “this time vidmir - once vidrizh”. Moving out permits for short-circuiting your plan, distributing your etapie, fixing your thoughts, think through the minds of those who led to the Vikonannya. Practically, the result is the result of being bold, accurate, correct. Plan a weekly practical practical activity in a single, personal, organized and tactile manner. Children plan their igr, baby, aplіkatsі toscho.
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Assignment of all sides of movi ta funktsiy movlennya

  1. Introduction of new forms and functions
    Dytena early niku nagagato bіlsh samostіyna for nemovlya. For the development of active activities, to create folding views - on the front, on the subject of gri, so you can grow in character; Vinikaє situational-dіlova form spіlkuvannya z doroslim; self-possession of reach is supposedly a new village. All the furniture of the trunk is neobhіdnі zovnіshnі that internal mind for especially
  2. Go to the vocabulary before the grammar
    In the early days, go through the passage of vocabulary before the rules of grammar. Strictly, this is a lexicon stockpile, and it is blamed for it; Stimulus tsey process subject dіyalnіst ditini in sp_vpratsі іz we grow. Dіyuchi with various objects, roshyryuchi kolo objects_v, yakі styut objects of dіy dіtini at 2 rocks, there is a number of
  3. Moving a personal music pre-roll
    Success in active children are manifested in appropriate forms of movement, significantly more importantly, but not in a gestural way. There are contextual and explanatory forms (A. M. Lushina), until the end of the pre-war period, everything is wider. Situationally mnelenia zalishaєtsya with tsomu wider form takozh. Suttєva vіdmіnnіst situational th
    In Kyiv, for example, in 2000, a presentation was held at the celestial charitable foundation “Health for All”, with the head of the lawful deputy of Ukraine S. Shevchuk. The main method of actions of organizations in the real life of the real people of Ukraine in their powerful state and health potential, of social justice in the sphere of health,
  5. The process of acquiring yak zm_st uchbovoi dіyalnostі uchennіv
    Zgіdno poglyadіv S.L. Rubinshteina, D.B. Elkonіna, uchbova dіyalnіst maє sviy zm_st. Yogi warehouse storage. Understanding the explanation is explained in a different way, for example, as the mechanism of appropriation of the suspiciously historical basis, the value of knowledge, meaning, ability of moral norms and rules of conduct. Sakuvnnya rozum_yut yak will fold the integrated user's actions of people, yak including all
  6. Passage Rollout Movie
    Mova - tse system of signs, servant of the human race and the mission of the mission, using the method of self-propagation, zberіgannya that passes through the previous generation. Mova іsnuє and implement through movlennya. Movlenia - tse form spіlkuvannya for additional help. Qia form merged historically in the process of material transformation of people. Functions of Movie: 1)
  7. Signs, characteristic for all ГРВЗ
    Skargs: more than less menstrual symptoms of inhalant toxicity, catarrhal symptoms — pychotrophorus, significantly lower — bilious, undead, dry cough. 2. Pom_rna gіperemіya, in the main arc, myakogo pіdnebіnnya, yazichka, zadnіyy stіnki pharynx іz najavnіstyu granularity (zbіlshenі lymphatic folikul). 3. Hyperemia of the sheath of the nosovi hod. 4. Migdaliki is important for users (for
  8. Active Moves
    The development of happiness of the child of the romance of the adult dorogogo vіdbuvaєtsya at once from the form of change of mind to make active movement. The movable apparatus of the permit permits i samіy porjuvati pershi okremі sounds that їх follow-up. These sounds are included in a new uncomfortable room - in a complex of pozhavlennya. The first hour of the beast growing up with the words of the words of Dyina Reagu smіh and sounds - to the ground
  9. Characteristics of the main functions and pedagogical minds
    Pedagogical activity is realized in singing pedagogical situations for the special purpose of the child, but also by itself: perceptual, mnemichnyh, communal, subject, reorganized, dosnіnytsih, control, socialist, control, subject-changing, control, monitoring, control, social studies, control, subject-changing, control, monitoring, control, social studies, control, subject-changing, control, monitoring, control, social studies, control, subject-changing, control, monitoring, control, social studies, control, subject-changing, control, monitoring, control, social studies, control, subject-changing, control, monitoring, control, social studies, control, subject-changing, control, monitoring, control, social studies, control, subject-changing, control, monitoring, control, social studies, control, subject-changing, control, control, control, social studies, control, subject-changing, control, training, control, social studies, control, subject-changing, control, control, control, social studies, control, subject-changing, control, control, control, social studies. The stench pidporyadovivі pіdpovіdny tsіlyam that is right on the virіshshennya іznomanіtnyh pedagogіchnyh tasks. Doslіdniki pedagogicheskoy і dіyalnostі (N.V. Kuzmina, O.I. Shcherbakov, V.V.
  10. Psychic Function Development
    Mova In the preschool children in the main the dovgy and folding processes are completed. Up to 7 months, you can become a student and a student, as well as the subject of a special vivchen, and you can start reading and writing a letter when you are ready to go to school. Yak is a psychologist, Mova for Ditini is the only one. Develop sound side movi. Molodshі preshkіlniki begin
  11. Retailing of mental functions at pdlіtkovom vіtsі
    At the transitional period of the process of social development of vocal psychic functions, to allow new folding relations between them. I’m namagatysya glibshe pіznati, in which there is a new type of development in this case, then, and everything for them, including new connections, new contacts, new structures, new structural principles, and new ones, and new ones, and I’m going to be in a different way. to honor, by will іn. New
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