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Rita L. Atkinson, Richard S. Atkinson, Edward E. Smith, Daryl J. Bem, Susan Nolen-Hoexham Introduction to psychology Part 2 2000
“Introduction to Psychology” over the past 50 years has remained one of the best textbooks in the world! The reader is offered the latest edition of this classic and authoritative textbook. The course of introduction to psychology presented in it is well-structured, distinguished by clarity of presentation and balanced formulation. This modern American textbook gives a clear idea of ​​the various schools and directions of development of psychology, reveals the main issues of general and social, experimental and clinical psychology, counseling and psychotherapy, developmental psychology, personality psychology and school psychology. The book is replete with scientific facts, descriptions of experiments and laboratory work, richly illustrated. For the first time, Russian students and specialists will encounter a representative reflection of the experience of Western psychological science in general and, thus, will be able to better imagine the “balance of forces” in this area of ​​knowledge. It is recommended to students and teachers of universities, academies, pedagogical and medical higher educational institutions.
P. Ya. Halperin Introduction to Psychology 2000
In the book of one of the classics of Russian psychology P.Ya. Galperin discusses issues that are significant not only for psychologists and philosophers, but sooner or later they arise in front of every thinking intellectual person.

The book is entitled “Introduction to Psychology” not only because the same name is one of the most important works of Pyotr Yakovlevich Halperin, which became a bibliographic rarity immediately after its publication more than 20 years ago, which constituted the basis of this publication. , but not at all losing its freshness and sharpness.

Students studying psychology will receive an excellent manual on the introductory part of the course, forcing them to think, to argue, and not letting them fall asleep.
M.E. Litvak Profession - psychologist 1999
The book aims to help the young man in choosing a profession. It briefly describes the history of the development of psychology as a science, it tells about the areas of application of psychology, its development prospects, and employment opportunities. In addition, the appendix provides a program for admission to the psychological faculty and somewhat light enough for the use of psychological tests. It tells you how to achieve your goals.

The book may be useful not only for choosing a profession, but also for those who want to use the services of a psychologist.
Krugova S.A. (comp.) Introduction to psychology 1998
Content Subjective expectations of students from the upcoming study of the course of psychological science. What does the word psychology mean? A brief excursion into the history of psychology. Subject, branches, sections and types of psychology. Objectives and principles of interaction between a teacher of psychology and students in the educational process. Research methods in psychology. Definition of the psyche. Consciousness I. Psychic and nervous system. Mind as a property of the brain. Functional asymmetry of the brain hemispheres. Definitions of some basic concepts. Psychological tasks for independent work. Independent work with literature.
Grinshpun I. B. Introduction to Psychology 1994
General view of science. Science and other ways of knowing. Classification of Sciences. . Section II. The subject and object of psychology. Formation of the subject of psychology: the main approaches. Prescientific psychology. Directions of scientific psychology in Western Europe and the USA Psychoanalysis Behaviorism Gestalt psychology Humanistic psychology Transpersonal psychology. The main directions of domestic psychology L. S. Vygotsky and his school S. L. Rubinstein Other schools of domestic psychology. Place of psychology in the system of sciences and its structure. Psychology and other sciences. The main branches of psychology. Practical psychology. Methods of psychology. The concept of the method and methodology. Methods of psychological research. Methods of psychological diagnosis. Methods of psychological correction and psychotherapy Conclusion.
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