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Diets, weight loss and weight gain systems
Jünger A. Clean. Revolutionary rejuvenation diet 2012
The cleansing system of Alejandr Jünger is unique to everyone ... but especially to women. To look younger without expensive injections and procedures, to lose weight beautifully and permanently, to have fantastic skin and a sea of ​​energy, and most importantly, to shine and look younger again? It is possible and very simple, as all ingenious. Detox is a true feminine ritual of renewal and youth. After all, health and beauty do not come to us and do not leave us - they are always inside us. All we have to do is discover the internal reserves that nature has in us to wake up and show our natural splendor to the world ... 21 days and the world will change!
Melnikov Ilya. Food for allergic diseases 2012
Allergic reactions can occur during medication, on household and industrial chemicals, as well as on individual foods (food allergies). Useful products enriched with calcium, which has anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties. If an allergic reaction occurs during medical nutrition of various diseases, then it is necessary to make appropriate changes in the basic diet.
Kovalkov A.V. How to lose weight? Winning over weight strategy. 2012
What is the mechanism of obesity? Why do some people get fat and some not? How to lose weight without causing damage to your health? How to lose weight and then not get better again? Why not fashionable advertised products and diets help? What is the harm fasting? You will find the answer to these and many other questions in this book.
Ksenia Borodina Lose weight with Ksenia Borodina. About diets, pills, sports, style and ... female happiness 2011
The eyes of millions of viewers are riveted on it. Journalists are watching her every step. Permanent host of the reality show "House-2" Ksenia Borodina constantly gives more and more new reasons for gossip, not considering it necessary to justify every step. But when the Internet fraudsters began to deceive her fans by sending out to everyone who wanted to “Xenia Borodina’s unique diet,” the consequences of which are not known to anyone, the cup of her patience overflowed, and she decided to write this frank book. Is it true that Ksenia lost 22 kilograms, as they say on the Internet? What is the secret of its slimness and attractiveness? How to save the built figure? In her book, the popular TV presenter not only talks in detail about the struggle with obesity and gives advice to those who want to lose weight, but also frankly talks about relationships with men, her family life, the birth of a daughter, friendship. For a wide range of readers.
Schadilov E. Perfect food 2010
The book of the remarkable healer Yevgeny Shchadilov ʻIdeal Nutrition` is an innovative technique, a scientific approach, brilliant style and wit. With the help of the methods proposed by the author, you can choose for yourself a suitable nutrition system and adjust it in accordance with the way of life, habits, profession, results of medical examinations and diseases typical for your area. You will learn to combine the advantages of different power systems and avoid their disadvantages. In this book, Shchadilov examines vegetarianism, separate nutrition, macrobiotics, raw food and malnutrition, therapeutic fasting, a balanced diet, and all this with the sole purpose of pointing the reader to an individual eating style that gives satiety without excess and health without flaw.
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