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Kochkin R.V. Impedance audiometry, 2006
Methods of hearing research, based on the assessment of the test subjects' sensations arising from the presentation of sound signals (subjective audiometry) are rightfully dominant in the clinic. In fact, these are psychoacoustic tests. It is in the peculiarities of sensation that unlimited opportunities for studying various aspects and manifestations of hearing are hidden. However, there are a number of situations in which the use of subjective indicators is impossible or undesirable. In particular, objective methods acquire special significance in the study of hearing in children, in cases of insufficiency of the mental development of the studied, in the case of impaired consciousness due to various diseases and traumas. In the course of military, labor, forensic medical examination, there is often a need for an objective assessment of the state of the auditory function without participation in this process of the subject. In this book "Impedance audiometry" tells about one of the methods of objective hearing evaluation, which has recently become widespread in clinical audiology, is acoustic impedance measurement - the measurement of the acoustic impedance of the middle ear.
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