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OA Kolenchukova, S.V. Smirnova, A.A. Savchenko. Microbiocenosis of the nasal mucosa and rhinosinusitis, 2011
The monograph is devoted to the actual problems of otorhinolaryngology, microbiology and immunology. Questions of microbiocenosis of the nasal mucosa depending on the etiology and pathogenesis of rhinosinusitis are considered. Specific features of the microbiocenosis of the nasal mucosa under various pathogenetic forms of rhinosinusitis (allergic and pseudoallergic genesis) have been established. The emphasis is placed on the specificity of microbial flora in polyposis and bacterial rhinosinusitis. A characteristic of the microbial landscape of the nasal mucosa in rhinosinusitis is given, depending on the type of immunopathological basis for the triggering of allergic inflammation.

The book is intended for bacteriologists, microbiologists, otorhinolaryngologists, allergologists-immunologists, students and post-graduate students of medical universities.
Microbiocenosis of the mucous membrane of the nose in standard
Microflora and its involvement in the inflammatory process
The composition of a conditionally pathogenic microflora inhabiting the nasal mucosa
Microbiocenosis of the mucous membrane of the nose under rhinosinusitis

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