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G.V. Artamonov, V.B. Batievskaya. Industry Economics (Healthcare), 2006
The manual contains the definition of the discipline "Economics of the industry (health)" and the manual is intended to prepare students of medical universities in the specialty "Economics and management of health care enterprises." The manual is compiled in accordance with the state educational standard of higher professional education 060800.

The manual can also be used for postgraduate training in the specialty "Public Health and Health Organization".
Concept, structure, economic boundaries of the industry. Place industry in the national economy
Concept, structure, economic boundaries of health care. Place of health in the national economy.
Sources and causes of market power. Measuring Market Power
Economics of business location. The size of the enterprise and its determinants
The concentration of production in the industry. Oligopoly and monopoly
Integration, diversification. Mergers and Acquisitions
Product differentiation. Non-price competition
Oligopolistic pricing, interconnection and coordination. Price discrimination
The industry and the efficiency of the economy. Prospects for the industry

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