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Course work. Forming the behavior of consumers of health services under the influence of demand, 2012
Currently, marketing in health care is in its infancy. This is a complex path of evolutionary development, overcoming many difficulties and contradictions, accumulating experience. And the sooner the positive experience becomes the property of doctors, heads of healthcare institutions, the more successfully will be overcome the difficulties and serious shortcomings concerning the most important value of society - human health.

Books and textbooks on discipline Health system organization:

  1. Abstract. Development and activities of PR services in the healthcare of the Russian Federation - 2012
  2. Test. Organization, rationing and remuneration of labor at a healthcare enterprise - 2012
  3. Answers to the exam. Public Health and Health Organization - 2011
  4. Lecture. Efficiency of health care. Determination of effectiveness in healthcare - 2011
  5. The federal law. On the fundamentals of protecting the health of citizens in the Russian Federation - 2011
  6. Course work. Formation of the municipal task in public health institutions - 2011
  7. Abstract. The essence of the system and health policy - 2011
  8. Course work. Organization of medical care in syzo - 2011
  9. Course work. Characteristics of public health and health indicators in the region - 2010
  10. Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation

    Department of Health Care and Resort Development

    Central Research Institute of Health Organization and Informatization. Resources and activities of health institutions - 2009
  11. Pishchita A.N. Legal regulation of medical activities in modern Russia - 2008
  12. Abstract. Financing of labor protection in the field of medicine - 2008
  13. Test. Assessment of Personnel - 2008
  14. Team of authors. Resources and activities of health care institutions. Part 1 - 2008
  15. Team of authors. Resources and activities of health care institutions. Part 2 - 2008
  16. Dyachenko VG. Quality in modern medicine - 2007
  17. Pishchita A.N. Perfection of legal support of medical activity in conditions of reforming of public health services of the Russian Federation - 2007
  18. Pishtita AN, Goncharov NG. Evolution of the legal regulation of public health in Russia. - Historical and Legal Aspects - 2007
  19. Teaching-methodical manual. A Guide to Practical Lessons in Public Health and Public Health - 2007
  20. G.V. Artamonova, V.B. Batievskaya. Economy of the sector (health) - 2006
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