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Samara Maternal Breastfeeding Support Group Breastfeeding the most important issues 2014
The psychological well-being of the baby and breastfeeding. Preparation for feeding. Feed at the request of the child. What it is? Organization of feeding: feeding on demand, rhythms. And we fed every 45 minutes ... Organization of breastfeeding in the maternity hospital. Organization of breastfeeding after cesarean section. The first questions about breastfeeding in the hospital. The basic rules for successful breastfeeding. Conform to WHO / UNICEF recommendations. Basic rules for breastfeeding (in detail). Proper attachment of the baby to the chest. What it is? We serve breasts comfortably. Asymmetric Attachment: User Guide. Asymmetric grip of the chest. A little more about the correct attachment of the baby to the chest. We are comfortable. Poses for feeding. Feeding with a fight. Mom + baby. Communication skills paired. Your questions on breastfeeding and child care and answers to them. Feeding a nursing mother. Prejudice about mastitis. Lactational crises. And your milk ran away .. (Do modern mothers really have a shortage of breast milk) How to increase the amount of milk? I am sick, but feed. How to find out that your doctor does not support breastfeeding. Chest and dummy. Breast rejection: baby says no
Pavlova N.V. Hospital pediatrics. Lecture notes 2012
The lecture notes presented to your attention are intended to prepare medical students for exams. The book includes a full course of lectures on hospital pediatrics, written in an accessible language and will be an indispensable assistant for those who want to quickly prepare for the exam and pass it successfully.
Methodical development Syndrome diagnosis of childhood diseases 2012
In a training manual in a short form diagnostic criteria of 44 nosologies are presented. Acute bronchitis. Bronchiolitis. Acute pneumonia Chronic pneumonia Bronchial asthma, attack period. Rickets. Hypervitaminosis D. Spasmophilia. Exudative-catarrhal diathesis. Lymphatic-hypoplastic diathesis. Neuro-arthritic diathesis. Merulonephritis. Pyelonephritis. Acute renal failure. Chronic renal failure. Hemolytic anemia. Leukemia Deficiency anemia. Hypoplastic anemia. Hemophilia. Thrombocytopenic purpura (Werlhof disease). Hemorrhagic vasculitis. Rheumatism according to Kissel-Jones-Nesterov. Infectious and allergic myocarditis. Toxic infectious cardiopathy .......
Ed. prof. T.A. Nagaeva Guidelines for examining a healthy and sick child 2011
In the 2nd edition, revised and supplemented, the publication of the manual in a systematic form outlines the methods for studying the objective status of the child, indicates the sequence of application of various methodological techniques, provides standards, examination protocols for various organs and systems. The manual is intended for students of the pediatric faculty of medical universities.
Medical College "Ayazhan" Pediatrics Short Course 2010
Organization of preventive and curative care for children. Periods of childhood and their characteristics. Anthropometric indicators of child development. The list of forms of primary medical documentation found in the work of the local pediatrician. Newborn baby and care for him. Patronage of the newborn. Premature baby and care. Hardening and physical education. Diseases of the newborn.
Evgrafova L.E. Propaedeutics in pediatrics. Methods of collecting an anamnesis and objective examination of a child 2010
In the textbook, in accordance with the State educational standard in the specialty 060101 "General Medicine", the classical method of collecting an anamnesis and an objective study of the child in the systems is presented, the problems of children's physical development and its assessment are highlighted. The manual helps to systematize theoretical knowledge on the propaedeutics of clinical disciplines, the development and improvement of skills for examining a child. Illustrated by drawings, tables. The manual is intended for students of medical colleges and schools for independent preparation for practical exercises.
Gurovets G.V., Kirillova L.I. Clinic for hearing disorders in children 2010
This course is one of the special disciplines and occupies an important place in the preparation of defectologists as future teachers of specialized children's preschool institutions at the department of preschool defectology of the Faculty of Defectology.
Muradova E.O. Lecture notes on childhood infectious diseases 2010
The lecture notes presented to your attention are intended to prepare medical students for exams. The book includes a full course of lectures on childhood infectious diseases, is written in an accessible language and will be an indispensable tool for those who want to quickly prepare for the exam and pass it successfully.
Korovina N.A. (ed.) Qualification tests in pediatrics (with answers) 2010
Qualification tests in pediatrics are compiled in accordance with the qualification requirements for a pediatrician specialist and the content of the Unified program of postgraduate education in pediatrics approved by the Russian Ministry of Health. Qualification tests can be used to assess the knowledge of doctors in the specialty of pediatrics during the state certification (certification exams).
Korovina N.A., Zakharova I.N. Vitamins and minerals in the practice of a pediatrician 2009
The rational nutrition of children and adults is the most important condition for maintaining the health of the nation. However, at present, in Russia, due to the prevailing socio-economic conditions, only very few people can consider nutrition balanced [5,7]. The daily diet of most Russians at the end of the 20th century is “the food of the poor”: carbohydrate-fat, with insufficient animal protein, deficiency of vitamins and trace elements
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