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Shalyga I.F., Martemyanova L.A., Turchenko S.Yu. Pathological diagnosis. Diagnosis discrepancies and their analysis 2012
The purpose of the training manual is to reveal at the modern level the questions of the formulation of diagnoses and their structure, to master aspects of the category of divergence of diagnoses and their causes, as well as the essence of the concept of “iatrogenic pathology”. Recommendations on the pathoanatomical diagnosis, discrepancies in diagnoses and their analysis for practical training are presented. Designed for students of 5, 6 courses of the medical faculty of medical universities, trainee pathologists and doctors of other specialties.
Toolkit Pathology tests for medical and pediatric faculties 2011
Damage. Cellular and extracellular trophic mechanisms. Dystrophy. General patterns of development of parenchymal and stromal-vascular dystrophies. Mixed dystrophy. Classification. General patterns of development. Necrosis. Clinical and morphological characteristics. Circulatory disorders. Morphology of acute and chronic heart failure. Thromboembolic syndrome. DIC syndrome. Inflammation. The essence, the pattern of development. The morphology of the kinetics of the inflammatory reaction. Classification. Exudative inflammation. Clinical and morphological characteristics. Productive inflammation. Granulomatosis. Immunopathological processes. Autoimmunization. The morphology of hypersensitivity reactions. Adaptation and compensation processes. Regeneration. General Provisions Reparative and pathological regeneration. Tumors Histo- and morphogenesis of tumors. The principles of classification. Sarcoma. Crayfish. Diseases of the blood system. Hemoblastosis.
Chernobay G.N., Sidorova O.D., Ivanov A.V. Workshop on the course of private pathological anatomy 2010
The study guide defines the motivation, purpose and objectives of the lesson topics, presents a list of questions and a lesson study map with an algorithm of actions for independent study of educational elements. Situational tasks and test tasks for controlling the initial and final level of knowledge are proposed. The textbook for students is compiled in accordance with the professional state educational standard for training doctors in the specialties 06010165 - General Medicine, 06010365 - Pediatrics, and 06010465 - Medical and preventive care, taking into account the discipline program and the level of student mastery of competencies.
Taranina T.S., Klimachev V.V., Lepilov A.V. Pathological anatomy test items 2009
The purpose of these test tasks is to facilitate the process of self-training and increase the level of effectiveness of theoretical and practical training of students for practical exercises in pathological anatomy. The basis of the test tasks is "An example program in the discipline of pathological anatomy for the specialties: 04100 - medical business, 04200 - pediatrics, 04300 - medical and preventive business, Moscow, 2002". Test tasks are arranged in order of the number of classes and include sections of general and particular pathological anatomy, which are studied respectively in the 5th and 6th semesters. We offer you test tasks in which there may be one, two, three or more correct answers! In tasks of other forms, proceed in accordance with the instructions there. At the end of each topic are the correct answers to the questions posed, which will facilitate the preparation for classes.
Plotnikova N.A., Kemaykin S.P., Kharitonov S.V. General and private pathological anatomy 2009
The training manual for practical exercises in pathological anatomy contains a brief description of the main issues of the topics studied, a detailed description of micropreparations with the indication of educational elements, a list of macroscopic preparations proposed for study, control questions and situational tasks for each topic. Intended for students of III - IV courses of medical and pediatric departments of the medical faculty.
Basinsky V.A., Prokopchik N.I., Silyaeva N.F. Pathology Anatomy Lecture Course 2009
The proposed lecture course on pathological anatomy is compiled in accordance with the current model program and curriculum on pathological anatomy for students of medical, pediatric and medical diagnostic faculties, taking into account the latest scientific achievements. It will help increase the effectiveness of extracurricular independent preparation of students for laboratory classes, will be of interest to students of other faculties of medical universities and pathologists.
Solovieva I.P., Batyrov F.A., Ponomarev A.B., Fedorov D.N. Pathological anatomy of tuberculosis and differential diagnosis of granulomatous diseases 2005
This atlas includes modern ideas about the features of pathological manifestations, classification and differential diagnosis of tuberculosis and the most common granulomatous diseases. The atlas is based on half a century of experience in the study of autopsy material and biopsies of the pathology department of the Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology of MMA named after THEM. Sechenov. In the field of phthisiopulmonology, the presented manual is original, published for the first time and is intended for widespread use at the postgraduate stage.
Rykov V.A. Pathologist Handbook 2004
The reference book contains the main regulatory acts governing the sectional section of the work of the pathoanatomical service, its staffing, rights, official and professional duties, measures of social protection of employees of the service, an assessment of the possible occurrence of responsibility in case of undesirable results of the provision of pathoanatomical assistance is given. In accordance with ICD-10, the requirements for the establishment of clinical and pathoanatomical diagnoses, the rules for comparing diagnoses, coding (encryption) of diseases and issuing a medical death certificate are given. The handbook is intended for employees of the pathological anatomical service and for healthcare organizers, it will be useful for general practitioners, employees of insurance organizations and the law enforcement system and can be used as a reference tool for training students of medical universities, with advanced training for pathologists and health organizers, as well as for a wide range of readers interested in these medical and legal problems.
Mishnev O.D., Schegolev A.I., Trusov O.A. Pathological diagnosis of sepsis 2004
Introduction Definitions of terms and concepts. Etiology. Classification. Pathological diagnosis. Principles of making a pathoanatomical diagnosis and medical certificate of death.
Edited by M. Paltsev. Pathology Anatomy Lecture Course 2003
Recommended by the Educational and Methodological Association for Medical and Pharmaceutical Education of Russian Universities as a teaching tool for students of medical universities.
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