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Finger M.A., Anichkov N.M. Pathological anatomy, 2001
Part I of volume 2 of the textbook consists of 7 chapters, including information on diseases of the heart and blood vessels, pathology of blood cells and bone marrow, diseases of the organs of the lymphatic system, infectious and parasitic diseases, diseases of the respiratory system, digestive system, diseases of the liver and pancreas. The second volume of the textbook is addressed primarily to students of all faculties of medical universities. However, it may be useful for doctors, including pathologists, as well as other representatives of clinical, biomedical and biological specialties.
Hypertension and arteriolosclerosis
Raynaud's disease
Infections primarily affecting the respiratory system
Pancreatic endocrine diseases: diabetes mellitus, tumors

Books and textbooks on the discipline Pathological anatomy:

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