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Gaponov S.P. Parasitic arthropods 2005
The training manual examines the structure, biology, and life cycles of parasitic arthropods. Adaptive features of the morphology and physiology of parasitic crustaceans, insects and ticks are emphasized. The main forms of parasitism and possible ways of their formation within the type are indicated. Particular attention is paid to the blood-sucking arthropods - carriers of pathogens of infections and infestations, as well as the ways of circulation of the most important natural focal diseases. The manual is intended for students of biological faculties of higher educational institutions. Recommended for use in the courses "Parasitology", "Medical and Veterinary Zoology", "Arachnoentomology"
Antonov M.M. Tissue helminthiases in adults and children (epidemiology, clinic, diagnosis, treatment, prevention) 2004
Guidelines. Introduction Etiology. Features of the epidemic process. Immunopathogenesis of tissue helminthiases. Clinical and epidemiological characteristics of certain types of tissue helminthiases. Toxocariasis. Trichinosis. Echinococcosis. Cysticercosis. Laboratory diagnosis of tissue helminthiases. Instrumental diagnostic methods. Differential diagnosis. Treatment of tissue helminthiases. Dispensary observation. Prevention
Gaponov S.P. Parasitic protozoa 2003
The training manual examines the structure and life cycles of protozoa that are parasitic in animals and humans. The manual is intended for students of biological faculties of higher educational institutions of Russia. Recommended for use in the courses "Parasitology", "Protozoal diseases", "Medical zoology", "Protozoology"
Lecture Tapeworms 2000
General characteristics. Unarmed (Bull) Chain, Taeniarhynchus saginatus. Armed (Pig) Chain, Taenia solium. Cysticercosis. Dwarf tapeworm, Hymenolepis papa. Echinococcus, Echinococcus granulosus. Alveococcus, Alveococcus multilocularis. Wide tape, Diphyllobothrium latum. Sparganosis.
Beer S.A. Theoretical parasitology, how to understand it, what is included in its tasks? 2000
The material was discussed at two theoretical seminars on the problems of general biology, ecology and the rational use of biological resources of the Department of Biological Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. A discussion of theoretical parasitology should begin with the fundamental concepts of parasitism and with the postulate that the synthesis of particular parasitological theories, in the end, should lead to the creation of a special scientific area ¾ theoretical parasitology.
Cherepanov A.A., Moskvin A.S., Kotelnikov G.A., Khrenov V.M. Differential diagnosis of helminth infections by the morphological structure of eggs and larvae of pathogens 1999
Atlas is a methodological tool for laboratory specialists (veterinarians and laboratory assistants), teachers, students of higher, secondary educational institutions and other institutions of veterinary medicine. In addition, it may be of practical interest to health professionals and environmental biologists. It provides data on the main pathogens of helminthiases, methods for their diagnosis, as well as characteristic signs of eggs and larvae of helminths of the most common species in illustrative and descriptive forms. When making a diagnosis for helminth infections, special importance is attached to the size, shape, structure of eggs and larvae of parasites. The manual describes the method of their micrometry, as well as the method of quantitative coprooscopic diagnosis.
Guidelines for the course and laboratory work for students 1 and 3 courses of the Faculty of Biology. Parasitology 1998
The most important problems of the origin and evolution of parasitism, the features of morphological and physiological adaptations to the parasitic lifestyle, life cycle strategies, as well as the most common parasitic infections, their pathogens, clinic, prevention and diagnostic methods are considered. The manual is intended for students of 1 and 3 courses studying general and private parasitology.
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