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Sanatorium-resort stage of rehabilitation in endocrine gynecology

Today it is difficult to imagine a system of treatment and rehabilitation measures without sanatorium-resort treatment and rest. By resort is meant the whole complex of geophysical factors (landscape, climate, balneological factors) that have a healing effect. Thus, the influence of climate on the body consists of meteorological (atmospheric), radiation (solar radiation) and terrestrial (teluric) factors.

Sanatorium-resort treatment allows you to combine physical healing factors with a favorable psychological environment, a change in the usual stressful stimuli.

In Ukraine, for the rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment of patients with dyshormonal disorders of the reproductive system, the most recommended are the mud resorts - Saki, Yevpatoriya, Berdyansk, Slavyansk, Kuyalnik, Kirilovka, Feodosiya, Golaya Pristan, Ochakov, Mariupol, as well as resorts with mineral waters for external use - radon (Khmelnik, Odessa) and hydrogen sulfide (Lyuben-Velikiy, Nemirov, Cherche, Sinyak).

Saki resort is located on the western coast of Crimea, 4 kilometers from the Black Sea. It is the oldest mud resort in the country. The unique combination of Crimean steppe and marine climates has a universal therapeutic effect. Summer is very warm (average temperature + 23.3 ° C), winter is mild (average temperature + 1.6 ° C). By the number of sunny days per year, the Saki resort is in one of the first places in Ukraine (2500 per year). The healing mud and brine of the Salt Lake have been used in medical practice for more than a millennium, as evidenced by the manuscripts of the Roman historian Pliny the Elder. The salt lake is a unique object of nature. It is replenished with sea, rain and melt water. The lake is closed and its bottom is covered with a many-meter layer of silt mud. The water of the lake is a concentrated solution of mineral salts - brine. The mud of Lake Saki is a complex combination

Chapter 15. Tasks and methods of psychophysiological rehabilitation ... 297

organic and inorganic substances, hydrogen sulfide, vitamin and penicillin-like substances. The main treatment methods are mud applications, tampons, galvanic mud, mud wraps. Of the water procedures, baths based on brines of the Salt Lake (brine, bromine, pearl, coniferous) are used. The most effective therapeutic factors of the Saki resort with pelvic pain syndrome, algodismenorea, in the rehabilitation period after undergoing gynecological operations.

The resort of Yevpatoriya is located on the western coast of Crimea on the Yevpatoriya plain. The climate is mostly dry and warm. Climatologists compare it with the climate of the south of France and Italy. Sea breezes mix with the smells of steppe herbs, create unique healing combinations of natural aromatherapy. The resort has the famous Moinaki Lake. By mineral composition (sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, calcium) and salt concentration, it is similar to the Dead Sea. The density of water (brine) in the lake is such that it cannot be drowned. The water in the lake warms up to 30 ° C. When swimming in the lake, the water seems to boil around due to the release of bottom gases - carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. Evpatoria sand also has special healing properties. Consisting mainly of calcareous particles, sand enters into a chemical reaction with secretions of the glands of the skin, creating a kind of dry carbon dioxide bath.

But nevertheless, the main healing factor of the Evpatoria resort is the Moynak mud, which is especially effective in the pathology of the female genital area. Mud contains clay, sand, marl, iron, salts of magnesium, manganese, zinc, sulfides, and organic substances. Pelloids with steroidogenesis stimulant properties have been isolated from moinax mud. The methods of pelloid therapy are the same: mud applications, tampons, electro-mud.

Indications for treatment: hypoestrogenic states, primary and secondary infertility, pelvic pain syndrome, polycystic ovary syndrome.

Kuyalnik resort is located near Odessa on the banks of the Kuyalnik estuary. The main treatment factors are the reference, especially valuable sulphide-silt mud, brine and mineral water. Favorable is the temperate climate of Odessa region, which practically does not cause negative acclimatization reactions in patients, which is especially important for vegetative disorders. The resort uses such methods of pelloid therapy as hot mud wraps and thermal applications of mud (temperature up to 42 ° C), which activate metabolic processes, cause increased sweating and absorption of the active components of the mud.
Mud procedures are effective for hypoestrogenic conditions, pathological menopause, and pelvic pain syndrome.

The Slavyansk resort is located in the eastern region of Ukraine, 11 kilometers from the city of Donetsk, between the rivers of the North Donets and the State End. The main therapeutic factors of the Slavic resort are silt mud of the Repnoe and Slepnoe lakes, as well as highly saline brines of sodium chloride composition (mineralization 130-140 g / l) obtained from boreholes. Muds, mainly sulphide-silt, are used for therapeutic purposes

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since 1825, and at the World Resorts Exhibition in the city of Spa (Belgium) in 1907, they were awarded the highest award - the Big Gold Medal. Rapa lakes and wells refers to sodium chloride with a sulfate component. Balneological techniques used at the resort include various brine-based bathtubs, as well as diluted salt-mud and gas-mud baths.

Indications for treatment: hypoestrogenic conditions, postoperative rehabilitation, pelvic pain syndrome.

Sinyak resort belongs to the unique resorts of Transcarpathia. Located in the picturesque valley of the Matieva River, surrounded by mountains at an altitude of 450 m above sea level. The climate is mountainous with high humidity. The main therapeutic tool of the resort is hydrogen sulfide, sulfate, calcium-magnesium waters used for baths. Weak hydrogen sulfide water resembles the Sochi “Matsesta” in its composition and mechanism of action, but its peculiarity is that it is not chemical in origin but biogenic, that is, formed as a result of the life of the autochthonous microflora. In terms of the antimicrobial effect on Staphylococcus aureus, Bruise is superior to broad-spectrum antibiotics! Mineral baths are prescribed for inflammatory diseases, adhesions, hypoestrogenic conditions.

Indications for treatment: menstrual irregularities against the background of chronic inflammatory diseases, hypomenstrual syndrome, pelvic pain syndrome.

Khmelnik resort is located in the Vinnitsa region. The main therapeutic factor is radon, carbonic, sodium bicarbonate-chloride water with a high content of manganese. Local climatic conditions are favorable for patients with functional disorders of the nervous system. Radon baths have antispasmodic, analgesic, immunomodulatory effects. The effectiveness of radon therapy for pathological menopause, pelvic pain syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, endometriosis, menstrual irregularities has been proven.

The resorts of Ukraine listed above are far from exhausting the entire list of natural healing resources of our country. Scientific studies of natural healing factors in various regions of the country, conducted under the coordination of the Ukrainian Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation and Balneology of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, open up new areas of this branch of medicine. Undoubtedly, one of the important and promising areas is the development of programs and methods for medical and social rehabilitation of women with dishormonal disorders of the reproductive system.

Thus, the use of the entire arsenal of rehabilitation measures - physiotherapy, psychotherapy and drug correction - allows us to solve the main task of medicine: returning to patients the health and quality of life that preceded the beginning of the pathological process, or physical, mental and social adaptation to new living conditions, within certain features of the disease.

Chapter 15. Tasks and methods of psychophysiological rehabilitation ... 299


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Sanatorium-resort stage of rehabilitation in endocrine gynecology

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