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Gaba D.M., Fish K.J., Howard S.K. Critical situations in anesthesiology, 2000
The book is intended for anesthetists and is a reference guide for differential diagnosis and the actions of the anesthetist in critical patient conditions that occur during anesthesia. The authors set forth a general approach to overcoming critical situations. Definitions, etiology, typical cases, preventive measures, manifestations, descriptions of similar situations, recommended actions and complications related to the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, metabolic disorders, nervous system lesions, conditions caused by equipment malfunctions, cardioanesthesiology, obstetrics and pediatrics are given. The manual is distinguished by practical orientation, clarity and ease of construction.
Theory of making dynamic decisions and overcoming crises
Principles of resource mobilization in the event of crises under anesthesia
Generalized situations
Metabolic situations
Neurological situations
Hardware Situations
Situations in Cardioanesthesiology
Obstetric situations
Situations in pediatric practice

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