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Cheat sheets. Dermatovenerology, 2011
Skin is an element of the body's immune system, the protective cover of a person, which has an effect on the functioning of all internal organs and systems. The skin performs a number of vital functions that ensure the normal functioning of all body systems. Informative answers to all questions of the course “Dermatovenerology” in accordance with the State Standard. The structure and functions of the skin Appendages of the skin Scabies. Etiology, pathogenesis, clinic Scabies. Diagnosis, treatment, prevention Lice Atopic dermatitis. Etiology, pathogenesis, clinic Atopic dermatitis Herpes simplex, or simple vesicle lichen Secondary, or recurrent, herpes simplex Herpes zoster or herpes zoster Atypical forms of herpes virus infection Papillomavirus infection ..... etc.
Papillomavirus infection

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