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Junger A. Clean Revolutionary Rejuvenation Diet 2012
Alejandra Junger's purification system is unique to everyone ... but especially to women. Look younger without expensive injections and procedures, lose weight beautifully and forever, have fantastic skin and a lot of energy, and most importantly, shine and rejuvenate before our eyes again? It is possible and very simple, like all ingenious. Detox is a truly feminine ritual of renewal and youth. After all, health and beauty do not come to us and do not leave us - they are always inside us. All we need to do is to open up the internal reserves laid down in us by nature in order to wake up and show the world our natural splendor ... 21 days and the world will change!
Melnikov Ilya. Nutrition for allergic diseases 2012
Allergic reactions can occur during treatment with drugs, to household and industrial chemicals, as well as to certain foods (food allergies). Calcium enriched foods that have anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties are useful. If an allergic reaction occurs during the clinical nutrition of various diseases, it is necessary to make appropriate changes to the main diet.
Kovalkov A.V. How to lose weight? Strategy to defeat weight. 2012
What is the mechanism of obesity? Why do some people get fat and some do not? How to lose weight without causing harm to your health? How to lose weight and then not get better again? Why do not fashionable advertised means and diets help? What is the harm of fasting? You will find the answer to these and many other questions in this book.
Ksenia Borodina Lose weight with Ksenia Borodina. About diets, pills, sports, style and ... female happiness 2011
The eyes of millions of viewers are riveted to her. Journalists follow her every step. The permanent host of the reality show "Dom-2" Ksenia Borodina constantly gives more and more reasons for gossip, not considering it necessary to make excuses for every step. But when Internet scammers began to deceive her fans by sending everyone a “Ksenia Borodina’s unique diet,” the consequences of which are unknown to anyone, her patience was full, and she decided to write this frank book. Is it true that Ksenia lost 22 pounds, as they say on the Internet? What is the secret of her harmony and attractiveness? How to save a built figure? In her book, the popular TV presenter not only talks in detail about the fight against overweight and gives advice to those who want to lose weight, but also speaks frankly about relationships with men, her family life, the birth of a daughter, and friendship. For a wide range of readers.
Schadilov E. Perfect nutrition 2010
The book of the wonderful healer Evgeny Schadilov `Ideal Nutrition` is an innovative technique, a scientific approach, a brilliant style and wit. Using the methods proposed by the author, you can choose the right nutrition system for yourself and adjust it in accordance with the lifestyle, habits, profession, results of medical examinations and diseases that are typical for your area. You will learn to combine the advantages of different food systems and avoid their disadvantages. In this book, Shchadilov considers vegetarianism, separate nutrition, macrobiotics, raw food diet and dry eating, therapeutic starvation, balanced nutrition and all this for the sole purpose of indicating to the reader an individual eating style that will give satiety without frills and health without flaws.
Trifonova M.V. Negotiations with sausage, or We are what we eat 2009
In her first book, the famous dietitian Marianna Trifonova talks about her unique author's method of weight loss. Revealing the nature of human nutritional behavior, it divides people into psychotypes. For example, “Kebab Man”: meat, meat and meat again - this is the main addiction of this psychotype. Or "Sea cocktail": all kinds of fish and seafood - the basis of the foundations of this psychotype. This is not the whole list of representatives of food addictions. The problem of weight loss is covered in all kinds of speculation and myths. Few people know that breakfast is not useful to everyone, and the strictest ban is not to eat after six - for some it is simply nonsense. The directive to drink at least two liters of water per day is often more than dubious. Surprised? And yet it is. It is necessary to lose weight with taste, and eat - for health. How to do it? How to learn to feel the food? How to determine the products that suit you? What do you need to eat to lose weight? How to prevent a breakdown in the diet and what to do when it happened? About this and much more - on the pages of this book. Feel yourself the master of the situation, clearly aware that food is a source of energy and pleasant sensations!
Lissy Moussa Complete Guide to Making Your Own Skin 2007
Impossible - pet! Numerous participants in the Lissi Moussa Wellness Programs around the world were convinced of this, rejoicing in their newfound health, harmony, beauty and youth. Want to get rid of skin trivia such as pimples and calluses, cellulite, dandruff and irritation? To cope with severe allergies, vitiligo, warts? To defeat psoriasis and dermatitis of all stripes? No medicine and no additives, no special products and additional costs are required - only your spirit of joy and victory and a little creativity to come up with gifts for your excellent work to improve your life. Join now! And your Health will love you! The book is easy to read and fun, contains examples of the passage of the Program, descriptions of complex cases, a detailed analysis of errors, recommendations for keeping the results. Be always healthy and cheerful and often remember the formula of happiness from Lissi Moussa - “Fortune chooses laughing faces!”.
Krylov K. We eat das zayn or the fascist diet of Krylov 2007
The author of the book is not an aerobics trainer, but an ordinary person who lost 25 kg in several months. It was hard, painful, but not very burdensome in time, and most importantly - it worked. Applied to himself personally, and to be completely accurate, to his own body.
Lissy Moussa 3000 ways to not interfere with harmony, or make a carcass from a carcass 2006
This is not a book - this is a revolution! Refutation of all diets together and separately! Debunking on your own experience all the advertising myths. A completely new approach to the problem of obesity - and 100% SUCCESS! No additional costs - a complete saving, which allows you to buy yourself new clothes every ten days a size smaller!
Dobkin. IN. Dr. Laskin's anti-cancer diet 2006
A collection of unique methods of treating such serious diseases as cancer and atherosclerosis, which threatens with a heart attack or stroke, all kinds of joint diseases, debilitating a person with severe pain and depriving him of freedom of movement, hepatitis and cirrhosis, epilepsy and encephalopathy, flu and fungal infections, peptic ulcer and trichomoniasis, stone disease of all kinds and various inflammatory processes.
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