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Diploma Gender differences in fashion psychology 2010

Fashion as a psychological phenomenon

The psychology of fashion in a historical aspect

Gender Features and Fashion

Psychological methods of working with gender differences in fashion psychology

The specifics of research in fashion psychology

The main psychodiagnostic research method

Practical study of gender differences in fashion psychology

Studying gender differences in the concept of self-presentation

Procedure for conducting the experience of gender differences


List of references

Ed. I. S. Kletsina Gender psychology. 2009
The second, revised and supplemented edition of the workshop (the previous one was published in 2003), prepared by a team of specialists led by Professor I. S. Kletsina, presents methodological developments in practical and seminar classes on gender psychology. The workshop is designed to prepare students of humanitarian, technical and natural sciences in the field of gender psychology and other gender-oriented disciplines.

This practical guide is addressed to teachers of higher educational institutions, taking courses and special courses on gender issues, researchers, graduate students, students and all those who are interested in gender issues or would like to get acquainted with it.
Team of Authors Gender for "dummies" -2 2009
This book is at the same time a continuation of the already published publication “Do You Know Everything About Gender?”, And an independent project. To be continued - because before “Gender for Dummies-2” there was, of course, just “Gender for Dummies”, which did not have number 1, since we still did not know that we would like to write a second book. An independent project - because, in order to read “Gender for Dummies-2”, it is absolutely not necessary to search and pre-read the first volume. These books do not repeat each other in anything and are quite capable of living an independent life from one another ...
Duskazieva Zh.G. Gender features of anxiety of often ill children of preschool age and the possibility of its correction 2009
Abstract of dissertation for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences. Specialty: 19.00.04 - medical psychology.

Supervisor - Doctor of Psychology, Professor Zalevsky Genrikh Vladislavovich.

The work was performed at the Department of Childhood Psychology GOU VPO Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University named after V.P. Astafieva
G.P. Tsygankova The Psychology of Gender Education in Higher College 2009
Gender approach, gender psychology, gender pedagogy, gender education and gender education are new concepts that have come into the educational environment in the last decade. The author makes an attempt to bring together the available information on this issue, enriching his own empirical material obtained in the process of working as a practical psychologist in high college.

Practical recommendations on gender education of students and methods of gender diagnosis are given. The manual can be useful to students as additional material when studying a psychology course, as well as to curators of educational groups in planning and conducting ideological and educational events and thematic curatorial hours.
Abstract of dissertation for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences Gender stereotypes in youth mass media 2008
Object of study: mass communication. The subject of empirical research is tests of publications in print media preferred by adolescents, youth and youth.

The purpose of the theoretical and empirical study is to analyze the content and methods of constructing gender stereotypes in the media.

Research hypothesis: the main content of gender stereotypes are ideas about masculinity and femininity.


The relevance of research.

Socio-psychological approach to the study of gender.

The problem of gender stereotypes in social psychology.

The study of gender stereotypes in youth print media.

Conclusions and recommendations based on the results of psychological research.

Recommended for students psychologists, social workers, masters, graduate students, associate professors, doctoral students, university professors, anyone interested in socio-psychological research.
Team of Authors Gender FOR “KETTLES” 2006
This book is written for Russians, women and men who have at least once in their life encountered the fact that their “gender” has become their “ceiling”. Such problems could arise during growing up, when hiring, in the labyrinths of career growth, in relationships with friends, in the family, in intimate life, in thinking about the fate of the fatherland, and even in such an innocent situation as reading classical literature or watching a movie, when, comparing yourself with the heroes, you suddenly feel some kind of vague anxiety and irritation (if I do not want to be a “female”, like Natasha Rostova, then I am a bad woman? If the characters who solve their problems exclusively in hand-to-hand combat are unpleasant to me, then I not a man?).

What is this feeling of our own sex and what is the attitude towards us as people with gender? Is it fate, predetermined, as Sigmund Freud said, by anatomy, nature, or something else? After all, one does not have to be seven spans in the forehead to understand that a modern businessman feels a little different than what a Scythian warrior may be, and the girl supermodel that readers of glossy magazines want to be like is not Tatyana Larina at all.

The concept of “gender”, which is put in the title of this book and, perhaps, already familiar to many readers, helps to answer these questions.
Bulychev I.I. On the content of key concepts of gender 2005
The article is devoted to clarifying key gender concepts and categories. The initial concept of gender reality is considered in two main aspects: as the interrelation of the relevant relations and activities, and as a complementary unity of gender institutions and the gender picture of the world.
Edited by S.R. Kasymova Gender: traditions and modernity. Gender Studies Collection 2005
The collection contains articles examining the ongoing changes in the post-Soviet regions of the spread of Islam in the context of gender, traditional and religious norms, Soviet modernization, modern globalization processes, gender politics and conflicts. The book is intended for sociologists, social philosophers, anthropologists, political scientists, historians, and gender researchers.
I. G. Malkina-Pykh Gender therapy. Handbook of the Practical Psychologist 2003
The division of people into men and women determines the perception of differences characteristic of the psyche and human behavior. The idea of ​​the opposition of male and female principles is found in the traditions of all civilizations. Today, many psychologists question such a rigid division of humanity into two groups, believing that it leads to the emergence of many psychological problems. Gender therapy aims to educate men and women on productive strategies and practices for overcoming traditional gender stereotypes and resolving conflicts and problems arising from them.

This handbook is a convenient source that practitioners, researchers and students can turn to in order to receive comprehensive information on the techniques and tools of the psychologist’s correctional work in the field of gender therapy.
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