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The boundaries of the solar spectrum

The spectrum of the Sun, reaching the boundaries of the Earth’s atmosphere, is from 0.1 to 60 microns. In the presence of water vapor in the atmosphere, it shortens to 2.2 microns.

1) Infrared rays (IR) - from 0.76 to 60 microns (in this area, measurement in microns is accepted);

2) Visible rays - 400-760 nm;

3) Ultraviolet rays (UV) - 10-400 nm.

The flow characteristic is different in composition:

UV visible IR
at the border of the atmosphere 5% 52% 43%
at the surface of the earth 1% 40% 59%
The biological effect of solar radiation on the body is composed of the combined effects of all areas of optical radiation: infrared, visible and ultraviolet. Let us dwell on the analysis of all types of radiation.

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The boundaries of the solar spectrum

  1. Solar radiation and the reasons for its changes. The biological effect of solar radiation on the environment and human health. The use of ultraviolet radiation for preventive purposes
    The sun is the closest star to us - the central body of our system. Astronomers consider the sun a red dwarf star of the fifth magnitude. However, the living conditions on Earth are determined solely by the energy received from the Sun. The diameter of the Sun is 1390000 km, i.e. 109 times the size of Earth. The surface area of ​​the Sun is 12,000 times that of the Earth. The average distance of the earth from the sun
    Here's another curious thing: now readers are adding facts testifying to the additional effects of dietary nutrition according to Laskin. A middle-aged woman (this is her own definition) from Belarus used the diet for only three weeks (she, thank God, is healthy, and she ate buckwheat for prevention, which we recommended many times) and during that time she significantly lost weight, which
  4. We use the whole range of cortical abilities
    The greatest effect of an intelligence card is achieved when a graphic image is placed in the center than a word, and images are used instead of words in any suitable case. The combination of two cortical abilities - word manipulation and image manipulation - greatly increases the return on mental energy expended, especially when you create, rather than use, ready-made images. IN
  5. Economic boundaries of the industry and the factors that determine them
    One of the first issues to be addressed in analyzing an industry is the question of its boundaries. What is included in this industry? This is not an easy task, as many industries are dynamic and develop very quickly. So, for example, in the 60s one could talk about the electronics industry, covering the entire range of goods manufactured in those years. Today, these are several new industries - household production
    Sanitary protection of the territory from the importation and spread of quarantine infections (quarantine diseases include: cholera, smallpox, plague, yellow fever) is one of the urgent tasks of Soviet health care due to the fact that the situation in the world over quarantine infections remains tense, and the Soviet Union constantly expanding economic, cultural and tourist relations with
  7. Borders
    The ability to see depends on knowledge; Knowledge is from school and from learning. But if you have reached an understanding, only the ability to see matters. Ernst Gombrich. "History of Art" In the Persian tales of Khoja Nasreddin great folk wisdom is enclosed. In one story, Nasruddin is desperate for something in the street dust, kneeling under a lamppost near his home. Happy neighbor coming out
  8. The economic boundaries of health and the factors that determine them
    It is extremely difficult to define clear boundaries of healthcare as one of the sectors of the country's economy due to the fact that many activities related to maintaining and promoting health do not relate directly to medicine, to professional medical activity, which forms the basis of healthcare as an industry. Therefore, by defining the economic boundaries of healthcare we will
  9. The ability to symbolize as an indicator of the development and integration of the “I” in autism spectrum disorders
    Starting from earlier works, S. L. Rubinstein expressed the idea of ​​the unity of experience and knowledge in the structure of consciousness, the intellectual and emotional components of mental processes (Rubinstein, 1957. 1973. 2000). He also laid down this principle as the basis for studying personality. In the model of emotional regulation (Bardyshevskaya, Lebedinsky, 2003) the role of the integrating link reflecting well-being
  10. Depression and other conditions of the affective spectrum, causing an immediate physical threat to the patient
    DIAGNOSIS This group includes conditions characterized by low, depressed mood, anxiety, slow thinking, motor inhibition with active suicidal thoughts, tendencies, auto-aggressive actions that pose a danger to the life of patients or a serious threat to their health. The intensity of suicidal urges is determined by the severity of longing, the degree
  11. Organization of veterinary services at the border and transport
    For the products of farms, complexes, processing enterprises and other manufacturers to be on the consumer's table, its source material - meat and dairy, various agricultural products - needs close or long-distance transportation. In the state there is a need to transport domestic animals, breeding livestock, fur animals, poultry, fish, bees, feed products,
  12. Study of the border between the pineal gland and the femoral diaphysis
    To establish congenital syphilitic changes, an examination should be made of the border between the pineal gland and the diaphysis of the femur (Fig. 27). For this purpose, as in the study of ossification nuclei, the knee joint is opened, soft tissues are dissected from the lower segment of the bone, a longitudinal incision is made with a knife through the pineal gland and part of the diaphysis in the midline, and the border between the pineal gland is examined
  13. Sunstroke
    As a result of the prolonged action of sunlight on the head area, a sunstroke occurs. In mild cases of lesion, headache, dizziness, nausea are noted, vomiting may occur, temperature rises, pulse and breathing become more frequent; hyperemia of the face and increased sweating are observed. In severe cases, hyperthermia develops, loss of consciousness occurs, convulsions and
  14. Hygienic value of solar radiation
    The flux of radiant energy of the Sun, according to the wave theory, is presented in the form of electromagnetic waves with different wavelengths, measured in micrometers (microns). The atmosphere transmits to the Earth's surface only the optical part of the solar spectrum, which includes invisible ultraviolet rays (290-400 microns), visible light rays (400-760 microns) and invisible infrared rays (760-2500 microns). At
  15. Solar and thermal shock
    Sun and heat stroke is an acute developing painful condition caused by overheating of the body as a result of exposure to high ambient temperature. Sunstroke is caused by direct exposure to direct sunlight on an uncovered head or naked body. The reason for thermal overheating is usually work in crowded and poorly ventilated rooms,
  16. The problem of age limits of old age
    Scientists of various specialties (anthropologists, gerontologists, psychologists) have different points of view on the periodization of human life and the age count of aging, but most empirically choose the age of 60-65 years as the beginning of old age. As an illustration, several points of view can be given. Czech professor B. Przigoda: aging - from 60 to 75 years, senile age - from 75
    Sunstroke is a frequent occurrence in hot summer weather. The reason for it is the direct effect of sunlight on the head and, as a consequence, on the brain. The behavior of the cat becomes restless, seizures often occur, there may be vomiting and convulsions, sometimes an increase in body temperature within 1 degree is noted. Most prone to sunstroke are animals with dark hair.
  18. Solar and thermal shock
    Prolonged exposure to sunlight on an uncovered head or naked body, as well as excessive overheating during prolonged exposure to humid and poorly ventilated atmosphere, during muscular work in rubberized or synthetic clothing, prolonged transition to hot weather, etc., leads to a change in regulation processes of heat generation and heat transfer in the body, which can
  19. Thermal and solar shocks
    Heat stroke is a pathological condition caused by general overheating of the body, accompanied by an increase in body temperature, cessation of sweating and loss of consciousness. Sunstroke is a special form of heatstroke that occurs when direct exposure to sunlight on a child’s head. Predisposing factors: excessively developed subcutaneous fat, CNS pathology,
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