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test questions

How are catering facilities classified?

2. List the basic requirements for the site for the construction of catering.

3. What are the sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the design of various functional groups of premises of public catering facilities?

4. What are the sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the design of water supply, heating, lighting, ventilation and sewage POP?
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test questions

  1. test questions
    1. What are the objectives of the sanitary and epidemiological survey of EPP? 2. What documents should be followed during the sanitary examination of EPP? 3. What are the main issues to be studied during the sanitary examination of a catering facility? 4. What is the main scheme for EPP health screening? 5. How is the sanitary-epidemiological condition evaluated?
  2. Test questions on the topic
    Topic 1. Introduction Lesson 1. Answer the questions: - How did people living in primitive times receive knowledge about the properties of plants? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - What are the essential elements
  3. test questions
    How many fish are taken in compiling the average sample? 2. The temperature at which the average fish samples are dried. 3. What is the mass of fish used to determine the chemical composition of the raw material? 4. What is the mass of the crude sample taken when determining the protein? 5. The weight of the sample raw sample required to determine
  4. test questions
    What is called a batch of fish products? 2. What is the temperature of the fish product should be for organoleptic quality assessment? 3. How much product is selected from their shipping containers for examination? 4. At what temperature is the consistency of frozen fish products examined after thawing? 5. How are odors of unfrozen fish determined? 6. The taste of fish
  5. test questions
    The reasons for the contamination of meat and meat products by microorganisms. 2. The order of bacteriological analysis of sausages and meat products. 3. How are samples taken and prepared? 4. The procedure for determining the total number of microorganisms. 5. What is called the maximum allowable concentration? 6. What are microbial contaminants? 7. What method determine antibiotics in
  6. test questions
    1. What is the role of water for the human body and food businesses? 2. What is drinking water? 3. What is the organoleptic indicators of drinking water? 4. What is the hygienic significance of the organoleptic characteristics of drinking water? 5. What do the chemical indicators of drinking water include? 6. What is the hygienic value of chemical indicators of drinking water? 7. What indicators
  7. test questions
    1. What is a sanitary regime? 2. What are the sanitary requirements for the maintenance of the premises of public catering facilities? 3. What is disinfection? 4. What types of disinfection are used in catering? 5. What chemical disinfectants are used in catering? 6. What is pest control? 7. What is
  8. test questions
    1. What types of materials can come in contact with food? 2. What are the hygiene requirements for materials in contact with food? 3. What is included in the hygiene indicators of the quality of polymer materials? 4. What affects the hygiene indicators of the quality of polymer materials? 5. What are model solutions? 6. How are graded
  9. test questions
    1. Who is considered the first surgeon of Ancient Egypt? 2. What sources contain information about the surgery of Ancient Egypt? 3. What was the range of surgical activity of ancient Egyptian doctors? 4. What level of surgery was characteristic of the medicine of ancient India? 5. List the diseases that were treated by the ancient Indian surgeons. 6. What do you know about the doctor Sushrut? 7. What is the name and
  10. test questions
    1. What was the surgery in Byzantium? 2. Surgeons and surgery in Arab medicine. 3. The contribution of Albucasis to the development of surgery. 4. "Canon of medical science" Avicenna and surgery. 5. The Catholic Church of the Middle Ages and the prohibition of surgical operations. 6. Do you know the works of De Choliak? 7. What was the role of hospitals and medical schools in the development of surgery? 8. Surgery in Europe in the era
  11. test questions
    1. What do you know about pre-Slavic medicine? 2. What natural-scientific and medical writings came to Ancient Russia with Christianity? 3. Who were the magi and how did they succeed? 4. What was monastery medicine in Russia? 5. Who were and what did the worldly doctors do? 6. How did the old Russian surgeon-cutters heal the sick? 7. What was reported about Old Russian
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