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The purpose of this publication is to acquaint the Russian reader with the essentially unknown world health practice and theory - Natural Hygiene, which originated and took shape in the United States in the 19th century and was further developed in many countries of the world.

The literature on Natural Hygiene is extensive. The book includes only two works by an outstanding representative of this area - the American G.M. Shelton, giving an idea of ​​such aspects as proper nutrition and therapeutic fasting. The choice of this problem is dictated by its relevance. The lack of space did not allow us to cover aspects of Natural Hygiene such as physical education, beauty hygiene, and G. Shelton's general philosophical and humanitarian approaches.

The writers of supporters of Natural Hygiene, including V. Vetrano, found a detailed exposition of the phenomena of health and disease, their mechanisms, toxemia as the main cause of the disease, a characteristic of the “unified pathological chain”, ways and methods of preventing and treating various diseases on a natural basis. a harmonious, scientifically substantiated and widely tested Health System is offered, accessible to the understanding of an ordinary person.Complex questions are stated in a clear language, enabling everyone who wants to understand and apply to In practice, the knowledge gained The points of view of representatives of this direction from various countries on the causes of diseases, its mechanisms, methods and treatment results are mostly the same, which allows us to speak about the truth and, therefore, the scientific nature of their approaches and conclusions.

V. Vetrano

Preface to the book of H. Shelton

„Natural hygiene. The righteous image of human life "

“We are not reformers, we are revolutionaries. The world has had enough reforms in medicine. Reforming the drug system by replacing some drugs with others means doing ridiculous Fars. Perhaps in many cases this will replace a great evil with a smaller one, but, nevertheless, it is the same as replacing a larger lie with a lesser, obscene language with swearing, theft with deceit. Replacing allopathy with homeopathy, or both with physiotherapy, and all taken together for an eclectic treatment, is the same as preaching moderation, replacing rum, brandy, gin with beer and wine or animal meat products with milk, butter and cheese. We have no substitute for medicine. We reject them as vicious things and prescribe useful ones. We cannot substitute a lie. We should teach only the truth. Our system is independent of everyone else. Her positions are original. Her doctrines were never taught in medical schools. They were never written about in books on medicine; they were never recognized by doctors. They are probably ahead of everything that has ever been taught and offered, for they follow from the very laws of Nature. We do not recognize any authoritative textbook, except that which is written by the hand of the Lord - a comprehensive Nature "(RT Troll. From the introductory lecture on the problems of medical science, delivered at New York Hygiene - Therapeutic College).


“We ride on the shoulders of the colossi,” Dr. Shelton told me recently. When I asked him to name the giants he had in mind, he quickly listed: “Sylvester Graham, Isaac Jennings, William A. Elcott, Mary Gove, Russell T "Troll, George H. Taylor, Thomas L. Nicole, James Jackson, Robert Walter, Charles E. Page, Felix Oswald and John Tilden." These are the names of men and women who played a particularly prominent role in the revival and development of Hygiene.

Speaking about Graham, the Troll once wrote that in his Science of Human Life, he suggested: “... all the forces of the material world - heat, light, electricity, magnetism, gravity and others - are just modifications or various manifestations of the same same important principle. " Less than a quarter of a century has passed, Troll said, how this doctrine has been universally recognized. Under the high name “interaction of forces.” This is just one example among many that could be cited, demonstrating the outstanding intellect of the people who are responsible for the modern revival of a righteous lifestyle .

Each discovery belongs to the generation at which it appears, rather than to the person who had the honor of making it. Not a single great truth has ever come to the fullness of a person’s head without more or less preliminary preparation. As Newton said of his work, “only standing on the shoulders of giants,” he managed to make discoveries. Copernicus developed the theory of the Universe, Kepler deduced a series of astronomical laws, Galileo demonstrated remarkable truths, Dr. Hook predicted the existence of attraction, Bullo stated that “if gravity exists "it will decrease in square proportion as it moves away." Newton could only understand and then show that all the movements of the planets and their laws depend on one main force under the control of one unchanging law, which together constitutes the real basis of physical science and mechanical motion.

Dr. Shelton is a giant himself, hence his ready desire to admit that he stands on the shoulders of the giants of Natural Hygiene. It took a great mind to synthesize the true science of life from the work of pioneer hygienists. Confirmations and correct assessments were needed, plus liberation from false ideas inherited from our predecessors. A constructive thinker should have appeared that would separate the true from the false in previous theories and practices of Hygiene and synthesize, generalize what we now know as the Hygienic System, or Natural Hygiene.

A genius is always like Pegasus, who is admired but not always trusted. At the same time, the inertia of mediocrity inspires confidence, for it offers kinship with an ordinary crowd. Shelton is admired, but trusted by almost everyone who hears and reads it, thanks to his convincing, but not arrogant, kind and understandable manner of presentation of Hygiene. In a world overwhelmed by dishonor, his honesty, like his passion for Natural Hygiene, appears as a bright, sparkling gem on a dark, dirty background of greed and deception of commercial medicine.

Whether it is a reformist or revolutionary, but a person is primarily interested in the affair to which he is attached. If this matter is in principle true and large in purpose, if it is as deep in its law of action as magnificent in its conception, if it saves a person from mistakes, then a person who claims to be protected is protected by his own dignity. For as truth makes people, so they grow in proportion to the light reflected by the work that they serve. The more a person is committed to truth, the more he becomes. Therefore, as soon as he follows certain principles, his greatness grows. The figure of Dr. Shelton, thanks to his adherence to truth, was so elevated that for all students, patients, associates and supporters, he became almost a hero. Pupils and followers constantly catch his thoughts to find out his opinion on any issue. Only a few, like him, understand the principles of Natural Hygiene.

At the beginning of his career, he recognized the great need for learning the right way of life. “Probably,” he said, “the greatest need of our century is true knowledge of the physiology of our body and the laws that govern life, health and disease.” It is regrettable that people die from violating simple laws of life, when even a little knowledge of biological laws is not only they would have prevented them from becoming prey to earthworms ahead of time, but would have made their life more joyful and more meaningful. ”The screams of millions daily rise to heaven, because of their ignorance they violate the laws of life. Many, although they know about them, neo go their compliance, but suffer from a lack of courage and self-control to change your lifestyle.

For a long time, Dr. Shelton understood what still thousands of people participating in the movement for Natural Hygiene still do not understand - you cannot introduce into the environment of hygienists what Graham called the “medicinal cult.” Hence, all his efforts and goals were aimed at educating the common people a better way of life in order to free it from the effects of “pusher drugs”. He said that education should be carried out outside schools and not only because the “physiological and medical departments of modern universities and colleges are intended to instill the art of constantly ignoring what everyone knows,” but also because of the impossibility for teachers of our institutes to speak and write objectively about a subject whose superiority would undermine the special group interests that support institutions, from where teachers receive their salaries. " Many teachers who tried to incorporate even a little knowledge of Natural Hygiene in their classes were quickly asked to stop this "stupidity" or quit. Few of those who were firm in their beliefs but tired of keeping beautiful truths to themselves, left the teaching profession. the return of their own health, they sought publicly to bring knowledge to suffering humanity, especially to adolescents, so that they could prevent their suffering from an improper lifestyle, but were broken by the powers that be.

Instead of teaching the values ​​of physical exercise, relaxation, sunshine, and other essential life things, modern education focuses on antibodies, vaccination programs, and dangers from ill-fated microorganisms. Instead of learning the right way of life in the name of disease prevention, we are taught a false system of “disease prevention”, in which people continue to lead an unhealthy lifestyle with a false sense of security. Inoculation programs have more money than training in true health. As for the facts, the world full of them. They are enough to strengthen us in the belief that Hygiene has advantages over all systems that have ever been tested. It is estimated that the general knowledge of man, a simple amount of accumulated acts doubles every ten years. But facts alone are not enough for science. It goes without saying that science must have facts and many facts at its disposal. But if we have only facts, we do not have sciences. Facts can be organized into science only when and if a steward or fundamental law is found. The art of Natural Hygiene is based on such a science. Hygiene is based on biological laws. These laws govern all living beings, and we must obey these laws or will have the inevitable consequences of disobeying them - Handy and premature death.

Dr. Shelton has been proclaiming the principles of Natural Hygiene since 1919. He did not waste time trying to educate practitioners from various treatment schools who were mired in their concepts and medicines. “The idea of ​​an ordinary person,” Shelton says, “is wrong. We are inclined to believe that he knows much less than he actually knows, and that he is capable of much less understanding than he really is. This is the reason that we try to avoid, probably too often, discussions about problems that may be difficult to explain in an elementary way and impossible to explain in full, but which could encourage a simple person to think more deeply and seek additional information. If we seriously take our task of informing reasonable citizens, we should not shy away from working to engage them in deeper knowledge. "

In this book, as in all his works, Dr. Shelton passionately tries to reach the consciousness of ordinary people, expressing himself in a language that everyone understands, but nevertheless requires some serious thinking, and sometimes consultation with a dictionary. The difficulty in teaching Hygiene is that beginners have already learned a lot of medical nonsense. Starting from kindergarten to college, young people are fed with “health education” every year, which is nothing more than commercial medicine advertising. As a result, people who are thoroughly brainwashed with medical absurdities are closed to new truths. Having learned, they have not learned how to do the distinction between reality and deception, between things that have content and real value, and fictitious things and at best supposed value, they cannot distinguish between true and false, for in childhood they gain knowledge was false and had no basis for reflection. It took many years to clear their minds of the nonsense inculcated in them. What was learned as a result of incorrect concepts and incorrect training should be discarded for a clearer understanding of the laws of Nature. We must know our connections with with the things and conditions that concern us, to understand how they can be used, and not to be treated or used incorrectly, given the huge amount of knowledge about physiology and about the systematized ideas of hygienists of the past and now oh, the existing world and awaiting judgment, when their knowledge will be that ignorance of our leaders scares and ignorance of ordinary people is appalling.

Elbert Hubbard advised: “Go as far as you can see, and when you get there, you will see even further.” Hubbard was an optimist. He apparently did not understand that when we get somewhere, we tend to turn a blind eye to the long road or we turn our backs on it. Countless millions of people of our civilization live and die, not understanding where they are, how they got here, where they are at the moment, where they are leading. It is probably already impossible to awaken these somnambulists and make them survey the world they live in. But shouldn't we open those eyes m, who leads humanity? Should not our teachers, politicians, doctors, theologians be the first to open their eyes and look around?

But more often, however, they themselves are the last to understand the true science of life, for their consciousness is too obscured by their own private interests. A highly educated person has been brainwashed “in the field of health” all his life, hence his eclipse is incorrigible.

Dr. Tilden once said: “All positive knowledge is necessarily rooted in nature, and social ethics rests on this basis.” Our world is a world of men and women who are well educated in negative knowledge that is not related to man and nature. They have huge information about a lot of things, but not knowledge about themselves. They know too much and nevertheless have a mediocre education in the field of the laws of life. A recently well-educated woman told me: "I love condensed milk. I know that it is not healthy, n I do not care. " She is a typical product of negative education, which has nothing to do with human life. Many fools are considered smart only because they learned the content of many textbooks and passed state exams and at the same time do not know anything about the laws of life. You can be an Einstein in mathematics and suffer from indigestion. With all his education, he takes aspirin or antacid for discomfort and behaves as if this discomfort has no reason. Because of such illiteracy, he may die early. And this is 25-30 years or more of the most valuable and productive life of a person. His education did not form him.

Prejudice is the most evil curse of our physical, intellectual, and moral education. Our educational institutions are busy clogging the heads of students with prejudice. In institutes and colleges where truth should triumph, we find textbooks containing half-truths and sweet deceit, ignorance and prejudice. Hence, prejudices and opposition to the truth are widespread, for they always accompany false formation with all its dark and base influences. Textbooks are written so that the truths are deliberately hidden there. Our institutes have a great fear of truth. If professors began to teach some basic, basic truths, they would not slowly lose their jobs. They are afraid for their position in life and suppress the inner need to speak out. They are intellectual slaves who can always find themselves masters who order how to think and what to say. But those who are seriously seeking freedom will sooner or later come out of the dungeon into the white light. They will develop the courage of hygienists and the courage to tell the truth, "even if heaven falls."

Why today is there such a fear of truth? Why is there such a clear desire to get away from something that can be controversial, especially if it contradicts widespread doctrines and concepts?

Starting from kindergarten and ending with college, they drove into our heads that we should not say something that could offend anyone. There are heated academic discussions in the community. We should be limited to talking about sports, weather or the last surgery. The average American is completely lacking the ability to have an intelligent conversation. We have been taught to be good listeners. “This is exactly what is important,” it is written in books on ethics. But if everyone listens, then whom to listen to? On the contrary. Today there is just a great need to educate the child in the ability to analyze, criticize and discuss many and different issues of the day. Even a little friendly scientific discussion inspires and arouses thought.

Ввиду внедрившихся предрассудков у студентов, преподавателей, профессоров и рядовых людей гигиенисты должны быть и мужественными, и стойкими в своих убеждениях. Наши идеи, мотивы и характеры подвергаются сильным нападкам, которые в мрачные столетия средневековья довели бы нас до темниц и костров инквизиции. Сегодня для нас тюрьма — это замшелый остракизм! В прессе нас распинают, огонь преследователей отражен в гневе наших противников. Но нынешний век должен усвоить важный акт — ни одну живую истину нельзя выбить из головы. Если наша наука Гигиены ложна, пусть это докажут. Мы считаем ее истиной, и истиной, имеющей важное значение для очищения и прогресса человечества. Как мы можем прогрессировать, если мы страдаем в умственном и физическом отношениях? __ Наш прогресс определенно ограничен, пока мы больны. Напичканные лекарствами и успокоительными пилюлями люди неспособны к нормальному функционированию.

Гигиенисты прошлого и нынешнего времени так верили и верят в истины Натуральной Гигиены и в ее способности вывести человека из состояния летаргии и порожденного лекарствами отчаяния, что они готовы были пойти в тюрьму за свои убеждения и практику. Это те люди, которые любили истину. Любовь к правде движет любящими истину, где бы она ни была. Подлинная любовь к истине обладает как неотъемлемой и важной чертой желанием безоговорочно быть ею управляемым и следовать ей как теоретически, так и практически, куда бы она ни вела, даже целиком пожертвовав нашими предвзятыми и самыми сокровенными представлениями и собственным мнением о самих себе. Для того, кто приходит к истине о здоровье и болезни, любит истину и следует за каждой новой, какую узнает, обратной дороги нет. Можно раздражаться, когда истина мешает увлечению любимым пороком. Однако, в конечном счете, приятнее знать истину и радоваться возможности ей следовать, ибо в ней заключены высшее здоровье и счастье.

Когда приверженцы любой догмы — в религии, политике, медицине, науке — уходят от света, проливаемого тщательными поисками и непредвзятыми исследованиями, они демонстрируют скрытое признание слабости и ошибочности догмы и опасение, что свет на явно скрываемую истину выявит деформацию и непригодность догмы.
They are afraid to learn the truth, and this negates all their views and practices. They will be forced to be hypocrites or follow the truth nevertheless, no matter what it leads. “Wisdom,” wrote Dr. Troll, “shouts about itself all the time in the streets. But there are so few people who hear it! "They are afraid to hear the voice of truth, for truth is always radical - it goes to the root of things. The troll said:" There has never been a greater lie than the conviction that truth is something between the extremes. Truth always radical, always ultra: it is always extreme and the opposite of every given position. "

Genuine science declares its own truth, which does not need to be declared true to any influential society or government body. Natural Hygiene is not only definitely true, it is invariably true science. A practice based on its broad principles follows certain laws and in each case the results can be foreseen. This, however, cannot be said about medical practice, because every time a person is given a medicinal dose, one should expect an unexpected. They may claim that medicine is a science (at least experimental), and Hygiene is not. But the truth is just the opposite: medicine is not and has never been a science, it is a method, method, treatment style. Physiology, biology, anatomy and others are sciences, but they are not medicine. Although when studying for a doctor from a medical student, they require the study of these sciences, medicine is not based on them. There is no single principle in medicine that could be demonstrated rationally or experimentally. Her methods are ephemeral, which would not be if they were truly scientific.

Dr. Shelton is not a supporter of those who believe that scientists cannot do harm. He does not believe in the sinlessness of scientists. He does not believe that science is an area of ​​perfect knowledge, that all its facts are really facts, and all its theories and hypotheses are true. He does not believe that all her techniques are the best, and all her practice is good. Much is being done, he says, “on behalf of science”, and this finds “confirmation” among many “scientists”, which is probably evil. Getting rid of all this can be “more than science”, but only if we define science as truth and recognize that if this is not true, then not science.

The "experimental method" with all its recognized shortcomings captures the mind of a modern person in a vicious vice. The influence of the "method" on a person does not become weaker, despite the obvious fact that such a "method" brought mankind to a miserable state. We continue broadly and humbly, unconditionally, in many cases out of ignorance, to obey the harmful practices generated by the "experimental method".

“Let them not understand me as if I rejected any value of the experimental method. I am only in favor of reassessing his results and the situation in which his results have involved us. For the fog of irrationality surrounding us today probably has no precedent in any other period of human history, "wrote G. Shelton.

Science is nothing more than vast art using the material of the world around us, from which its thinking children are formed. But science is also about connections, relationships, integration, a generalization of facts, laws and classifications. It focuses not on a simple summation of facts and knowledge, but on the identification of the necessary limitless links between the huge number of facts that make up the structure of science, and the laws that organize this structure. Einstein’s words are quoted as follows: “Science has no limits.” And by science they mean something like an interim report on research processes that have their origins in the foggy past and will continue indefinitely in the future. The search will continue for as long as there will be scientists seeking to "objective truth." This is also evidenced by the frequent statements of scientists that all their conclusions are “exemplary” and are subject to change or denying as further discoveries occur. As scientists make discoveries and discover new facts, we must welcome them. But, unfortunately, we are struggling with new truths Goliath: New truths interfere with the image that we have created about ourselves. We are too proud to admit that we were wrong in the past when new truths are rejected because of arrogance, or to prevent the destruction of some kind of “profitable” ce. It would be interesting to investigate in the history of science the reasons why large groups of facts were rejected, for example, why the Roman Church was so upset that the Earth revolves around the Sun and not the Sun around the Earth, why other people even today think that the Earth is flat, and etc.

People in our century are rapidly losing confidence in medicine. Each issue of modern magazines and newspapers contains all the new information about the dangers of taking certain drugs. Undoubtedly, medicine has great knowledge. But in our age, which is learning fast, people seek health elsewhere. What is the use of great knowledge if what you have learned is not true?

Medicine from the very beginning based its practice on false principles, and therefore threw away physiology, poisoning patients with proprietary medicines and agents. We are not looking for heat on the iceberg! So why seek health in poisons? Let's make our principles clear: the source of health is in healthy influences and in healthy means. Medicines, which are all poisons, do not belong to life factors that bring health. Doctors prescribe drugs according to the methods common during their college years. By the time it ends, new drugs are already crowding out the old ones, forcing doctors to receive information from pharmaceutical companies. Thus, the doctor is involved in a very dangerous and deadly practice. Until he takes the medicine, he does not recognize its side effects. And he is forced to rely on the accuracy and honesty of pharmaceutical companies. But these companies are not going to incur new costs to test new drugs more than is necessary for them, and they do not notify doctors of all the side effects of their drugs until they are forced to do so by the overworked Administration for Drugs and Food.

An article was published in the Time magazine dated February 16, 1968 about deaths from chloromycetin. The article emphasized that the company was forced to report these facts to doctors instead of warning honestly about them from the very beginning. The article said: “The company Parke Davis aggressively pushed her drug while she had to moderate her adverts and give warnings. It was found that this medicine, like others, causes aplastic anemia, and yet it was prescribed by doctors for mild diseases that, according to medical authorities, did not respond to antibiotics. "

Doctors have learned to poison patients with drugs and do not know how to do anything else. In addition, for each treatment, as you know, a good fee is paid. And if you have the illusion that medicine consists of altruistic and philanthropically minded gentlemen with good manners, then you are truly naive. All their vaccine-drug practice is a huge commercial conspiracy against people. And if you think that this was and remains the best of all possible worlds, if you are so thin-skinned that you are trying to get away from the cruelty and harsh reality of your present and past time, then this story is not for you.

Doctors condemn Hygiene for the reason that since her patients learn to live intelligently, then they are no longer needed. But such their condemnation of Hygiene is her greatest praise. Indeed, if the doctors put up with Hygiene, then we can be sure that there is something useful in it. The condemnation of Hygiene by doctors does not reject its viability.

Doctors usually discredit discoveries made during hygienic care and claim to be unrealistic. They recognize as real only those rare cases of recovery that occur during treatment with drugs, and seem to imagine imagined the suffering of those who seek help somewhere other than medicine. In this area, they have developed a sophisticated technique of self-deception and without hesitation try to convey this deception to the general public. Is it possible that a person who has suffered from asthma or arthritis for many years can make a mistake in feeling that he is now free from suffering? How can he be mistaken, feeling that for many years before the adoption of Hygiene, in spite of the samples of many types of treatment, he never recovered? In fact, he was getting worse, despite all the treatment he had undertaken. Is it an illusion for him to think that as soon as he used natural factors for healing,

An intelligent person does not need a lot of arguments to convince himself that the normal elements of life that support life and maintain health are those elements that can restore health. He immediately perceives how absurd the attempts to restore health with the help of life's antagonists. Those who run to the doctor with every sore and pain do this at the expense of their health. Most often, side effects from drugs are worse than the disease itself from which they are taken. Medicines do more harm than even the harm that is listed in the list of side effects and iatrogenic diseases, and are often the only cause of failure in restoring health.

The medicinal medical system has at its disposal all the free advertising that is required, its practice and far-fetched success extol all the mass media. But that does not make medicine true. To believe medicinal medicine means to see a shadow instead of an object, it means mistakenly accepting praise for the essence, words for meaning, big noise for a big principle.

Doctors prescribe medications to suppress the symptoms and so that the patient continues his usual lifestyle, experiencing as little pain and discomfort as possible. But at the same time, they do not wean the patient from the habits that cause the disease. As a result of this, since the reason remains, the patient's condition progressively worsens. The patient is not aware of this pathological progressive deterioration until the morphological changes become so large that it is no longer possible for him to restore his health at all.

Dr. Shelton says: “Doctors do not teach people how to live. On the contrary, they stuff them with drugs that are antagonists of life and the functions of a living organism. And if these substances may not destroy life itself, then all the same health is greatly impaired. In order to destroy and replace this false and fraught with fatal consequences system, we need an army of teachers who would teach the people the true science of life. Spreading the truth will destroy all false systems. "

Hygienists have a lot of work to do. Before they can teach the true science of life, they must uproot their false medical theories and prejudices from the minds of their students. Customs, habits are hard to break. It’s very unpleasant for many people to see how habits that have been established over a long period of time are overthrown, and any prejudices are nullified, even when a lot of good is achieved. Dr. Shelton says he is not trying to please bad students. He believes that every person who somehow comes into contact with Natural Hygiene should know about simple things in life. “And if,” he declares, “they are so lazy that they don’t try to learn about simple life phenomena, if they are incapable and do not want to think, if they are so stupid that their heads refuse to function, we won’t be able to enlighten them with the slogan“ health - with the help of a healthy lifestyle. "Even those patients who, once freed from the most devastating symptoms, return, like a dog to a kennel, to their former sensuality and excesses, cannot be saved from fate that they have prepared for themselves."

I saw how one of the patients cried out joyfully when she saw the menu at the banquet where her husband was, although before that she had many banquets that brought her to a grave condition and brought her to the School of Health. Oh, how not I want to give up the habits that cause illness! Many will rather continue to ignore the laws of life, so that you can break them without regret.

But not so far that time, as it may seem, before the great battle, in which the general forces of Hygiene will clash with the forces of Medicine in order to achieve victory. Modern medicine is already showing weak signals of anxiety and fear. Medicine began ostentatiously to brag about its “achievements”, which all proved to be such terrible failures that even a child can recognize the colossal emptiness of her bragging, as well as the murderousness of her practice. According to Dr. W. Phillips, “we feel like we are shadows in front of huge institutions, and tend to ask questions - what can several thousand people do against an omnipotent government, against the influence of the press, against the vast superiority of the majority, against the strength of preachers and many parties, etc. having won over the omnipotence of wealth. ... But wherever you meet a dozen honest people - supporters of a new idea, it means that you have met the beginning of the revolution. They do not make revolutions. They come. The revolution has the same natural growth as the oak. "It grows from the past, its foundations have been laid for a long time. Like a child who feels that he is growing into a man who reflects. And then someone speaks out, and then the world takes his idea to action. This is the history of modern society."

The Hygienic Revolution will be the same. Hygienists - pioneers were thinkers. Dr. Shelton turned their ideas into a coherent science, and soon the world will accept these ideas. “We have to be brave,” he says. “Our enemies gain strength only when we ourselves lose it.” Feel free to meet them, and we will win. Let's step back before them and we will lose. Even if we delivered at least one good blow to the old abominations of treating patients with poisons, then we did not work in vain. "

Dr. Shelton made clear his position in one of the greatest movements in human history. He spent 48 years of his life working on hygiene. Therefore, his position is so reasoned. Hygiene should not be again stolen and hidden by medicine, as happened in the 80s of the last century. Then practicing hygienists folded their sword, believing that they had already won and that medicine had accepted Hygiene. But it was a fallacy. The sword was folded too early. And Dr. Shelton had to resume the fight. He devoted his life to the study and promotion of Natural Hygiene and showed that medicine and Hygiene are antagonistic forces. They cannot coexist. Hygiene rejects medicine. And since true reform always goes forward and revolutions do not once recede, there is nothing left for the coming Hygienic revolution but to go forward. And when her moment comes, she will at the speed of a snow wall turn into Health for Millions. The radiant light of Hygiene grows, dispersing the unhealthy fog of persecution, ignorance and prejudice. The forces of regeneration purify human society, and the universal recognition of hygiene will lead humanity to health. Hygienists should not lose hope. We believe that truth will ultimately triumph. We think that, just as the Sun rises, the principles of Hygiene will be recognized as true principles of life, and the practice of the old schools of so-called medicine will be discarded and ultimately forgotten.

You can have knowledge about a healthy lifestyle. But only with their correct application in the name of perfection and human happiness does knowledge become a force. The knowledge in this book.

We need to gain self-control over our own way of life and control over our polluted environment in order to guarantee unlimited health. Most of all, we need to use information sources and a huge stock of carefully accumulated knowledge to create a better future. To achieve this goal, only two things are needed - thoughts and means. Centuries of want, violence and despair have brought to life the dream of a better future. The means are in our hands, they are in the rapid growth of knowledge, in the brilliant discoveries of science, in the great power of technology in the power and efficiency of combination and unification.

The dawn of a new era of human society flares over the earth!

About Virginia V. Vetrano,

closest associate G.M. Shelton *

Dr. Virginia Vetrano became interested in Natural Hygiene at the age of 18. Hygienic truths inspired the desire to master this wonderful knowledge. In further shock from the early death of her father, she served as an incentive for expanding her knowledge of health and treatment methods, as a result of which she became a doctor of hygiene, a writer and a lecturer.

After graduating from the College of Chiropractic in 1965, she became the head and at the same time doctor of the School of Health at Dr. Shelton. Там она успешно провела через голодание десятки тысяч больных. Несмотря на диагнозы как неизлечимо больных, почти все они поправились, поддерживая затем свое хорошее здоровье. С 1956 по 1980 год Ветрано была редактором и соавтором журнала „Гигиеническое Обозрение доктора Шелтона".

В 1981 году она организовала Информационную Службу Здоровья, осуществлявшую уникальную деятельность почтово-телефонной связи. Несмотря на отдаленность в тысячи километров, многие клиенты этой Службы восстановили свое здоровье на основе такого почтово-телефонного обучения Законам Природы и их соблюдению при разных жизненных обстоятельствах. Ветрано продолжает активную практическую и лекционную работу, проведя множество семинаров в США и Канаде. Ветрано — самая верная и последовательная сторонница доктора Шелтона. Когда она излагает Законы жизни, вас неотразимо трогает ее энтузиазм в отношении Натуральной Гигиены. Она четко разъясняет принципы Натуральной Гигиены, прекрасно разоблачая распространенные ложные идеи, так что остается только одна истина — ясная, чистая, логичная.

Доктор Ветрано показывает, что у вас может быть интересная жизнь через знание, понимание и применение Законов жизни. «Невероятно просто, — говорит она, — жить так, чтобы всю жизнь поддерживать прекрасное здоровье. Это может сделать каждый, ибо это проявление инстинкта». Из ее лекций вы также узнаете, как в случае утраты вашего здоровья восстановить его путем использования тех же простых факторов и воздействий, которые и делают вас здоровыми. Многие подтверждают, что они чувствуют себя энергичнее и счастливее, нежели даже в молодости, лишь просто придерживаясь гигиенического образа жизни. Вы также омолодите себя, на практике осуществляя принципы провозглашаемые доктором Ветрано и помогающие вам очистить ваш организм от многих отходов. Слушая доктора Bетрано, вы полюбите истины, которым она нас обучает, в частностистности, относительно голодания и его применения для омоложения и восстановления энергии, а иногда даже и для спасения самой жизни. Вы узнаете и о том, как вам не следует больше бояться болезней, вызываемых микробами и вирусами. Лекции В. Ветрано надо слушать вновь и вновь. И чем больше вы их слушаете, тем больше понимаете, сколь чудесна простота Натуральной Гигиены и как ее применение может сделать вас здоровым и счастливым.
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    Dear readers! It is very easy to write a preface to a book, which, of which I have no doubt, is doomed to success. What allows me to make such a bold statement? Firstly, the fact that for a very long time in Ukraine did not publish clinical lectures on internal medicine, which students and young doctors are looking forward to. Secondly, the majority of textbooks used in the educational process and
  2. Foreword
    Our predecessors could be content with the level of education that they received in their youth. But for us, we must begin to study again every five years, if we do not want to lag behind life. I. Goethe As a result of the progress of medical science, the concept of a whole series of pathophysiological processes in the mother and fetus has changed significantly
    The ever-increasing living pace of modern technogenic society, the deterioration of the environment, diet, work and leisure, as well as the peculiarities of the reproductive behavior of our contemporaries, cause violations of adaptation mechanisms and cause a steady increase in the number of dishormonal disorders of the reproductive system in women. High frequency of disorders of menstrual function, which are in the structure
  5. Foreword
    Millions of years ago, pathogenic microorganisms appeared on Earth, and only at the turn of the XIX-XX centuries. a decisive turning point was achieved in the fight against the diseases caused by these microorganisms. But on the threshold of 2002, medicine faced new problems: worsening of the epidemiological situation for many infections, rapid aging of the population, an increase in people with immunodeficiencies, which contributes to a wide
    The medical history chart is intended for third-year students of a medical university. It is necessary for the correct assimilation of the material of the program of propaedeutics of internal diseases, effective work at the patient’s bed and at the end of the course - writing the first student case history Despite the increasing technicalization and instrumentalization in the examination of patients in modern
    The discipline "Epizootology and Infectious Diseases" is one of the most important in the preparation of a veterinarian. The last textbook on epizootology edited by Professor A. A. Konopatkin was published 14 years ago, in 1993. At present, it has become practically inaccessible, and the material presented in it is significantly outdated. Specialists-Epizootologists and Infectious Diseases of Veterinary Universities and Departments
    Veterinary surgery is one of the most important clinical disciplines forming a veterinarian as a professional. Having mastered it, the student is able to independently diagnose surgical pathology to carry out surgical treatment, to carry out clinical examination and the necessary preventive measures. Surgery teaches students to make responsible decisions,
  9. Foreword
    When a doctor picks up a newly published book, he asks himself a series of questions: is it intended for me, does it contain enough up-to-date information, can I use the necessary information on a “here and now” basis and, ultimately, will this book help me it is better to diagnose and treat diseases in specific patients, to properly organize their rehabilitation in such a difficult
  10. Foreword
    Who is this book for? This book is written for all who are involved in pain management. Although we are not indifferent to the political and economic contradictions between anesthesiologists and nurses, they have nothing to do with the tasks of this book. The central principle of our training is the realization that any physician who is with the patient during anesthesia
    This manual summarizes the experience of teaching anesthesiology and resuscitation and training of anesthetists and resuscitators in clinical residency and internship at the Russian State Medical University. The manual is based on a university postgraduate program, which includes sections on intensive care, resuscitation and first aid for the most common
  12. Foreword
    When you see the cover of this book, your first reaction might be: "Oh, no, just not yet another book on anesthesiology!" Further, you may ask: "What can this book offer me, what is not in the famous manuals on anesthesiology of Miller, Stelting or Barrash?" In recent years, many books on anesthesiology have been written, and it seems inconceivable that the new edition may have some unique
    The book “VALEOLOGY” presented to your attention is the first textbook for students in Russia, which reflects numerous theoretical, practical and non-traditional factors that influence the state of human health. Written in the form of meaningful, revised and time-tested information material on social medicine, hygiene,
    The course “Fundamentals of medical knowledge and a healthy lifestyle” discusses the health problems of students of various age groups, signs of its violation, stages of formation, factors that determine health, the teacher’s role in shaping health, a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention, as well as first aid issues in emergency conditions. Health makes a difference
    A retrospective analysis of the process of human life shows that this process is not optimal in terms of interaction with nature. From the moment when the biosphere began to move into the noosphere, i.e. when intelligent creatures (people) appeared in the biosphere, the burden on nature increased dramatically. The concept of "environment" - a human environment. This environment has gradually become basically
    The manual is devoted to the consideration of the problem of the formation of a value attitude to the health of student youth. The materials of the “Valeology” course are prepared in accordance with the state educational standard of higher professional education on the basis of state requirements for the mandatory minimum content and level of training of graduates of higher educational institutions.
    Onychomycosis - fungal infections of the nails - is currently attracting increasing attention not only of dermatologists, but also doctors of other specialties, and in terms of creating the means of their therapy - chemists and pharmacists. This is due to the significant spread of onychomycosis in all countries of the world: from 5 to 10% of the population suffer from them. That is why the problem of combating onychomycosis is not relevant
  18. Foreword
    The textbook is written in accordance with the program for higher medical educational institutions of the Republic of Belarus in order to help students quickly navigate the clinic, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of skin and sexually transmitted diseases, it is better to learn the program material. In the first part, the data on the anatomical and histological structure of the skin, its physiological
    Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most common demyelinating disease of the central nervous system (CNS) that affects people of young working age and quickly leads to their disability. In terms of prevalence among neurological diseases, the central nervous system of MS takes the fourth place after acute cerebrovascular accident, epilepsy and parkinsonism, and at a young age - the second
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