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Crib First aid 2011
Artificial respiration. The technique of breathing mouth-to-mouth. Features of artificial respiration. Indirect cardiac massage. The combination of indirect heart massage with artificial respiration .......
Practical guide Top 10 First Aid Mistakes 2011
Imagine that you are walking in the forest and suddenly you were bitten by a rattlesnake. What are you going to do? You may have often seen in movies how a brave hero takes out his penknife, makes an incision at the site of the bite, sucks out the poison and attaches the tourniquet. However, this method is only suitable for the scene in the film. What mistakes do we most often make when we try to provide first aid for bites, cuts and other dangerous situations?
Lecture Traumatic brain injury (TBI) (help) 2011
Terminological Dictionary Anatomical and physiological characteristics of the brain Skull fractures Classification of a head injury Concussion Brain contusion Brain compression Nursing care for the patient (First aid, First aid, in the ward, before craniotomy, after trepanation of the skull) Care for temporary metal tracheostomy Sanitation of the trachea and bronchi through the tracheostomy. Forms of impaired consciousness in traumatic brain injury. The criteria for the severity of coma are reflected in the Glasgow com scale.
Lecture Cold injury, help with frostbite and hypothermia 2011
Definition Classification (according to Kotelnikov) Frostbite Frostbite Periods Clinical signs Treatment principle Pathological hypothermia or general cooling Complications of a cold injury Nursing care for victims of a cold injury
Soldatov Yu.N. Urgent care 2011
Methodical instructions - “Medicine of catastrophes” V. M. Ryabochkin, G. I. Nazarenko; 2. “Civil defense” V. G. Atamanyuk, L. G. Shirshev, N. I. Akimov; High school Briefly, in a concise form, an algorithm of actions is described for the majority of emergency conditions.
Crib First Aid Ticket Responses 2011
Open damage. Types of wounds. The concept of dressings. Dressing rules. PMP. Bleeding. Danger of blood loss. Ways to stop bleeding. Bruises. Sprains, muscles. Definition, signs, PMP. Dislocation. Definition, signs. PMP. Traumatic toxicosis. Traumatic asphyxia. Drowning. Types, signs. PMP. Electrical injury. The mechanism of action of electric current. Signs PMP. Concussion. PMP .......
Lecture Damage to the chest and chest organs (help with injuries) 2011
Terminology Dictionary Classification Closed injuries of the chest wall (First aid, Principles of treatment) Closed fracture of ribs Open injuries (injuries) of the chest and organs of the chest cavity Pneumothorax Hemothorax Nursing care for patients (First aid, First aid)
Ed. Belyalova F.I. Sudden cardiac death. Recommendations for diagnosis and treatment. 2011
The recommendations address the complex issue of unexpected deaths associated with heart disease. Sudden cardiac death is one of the most common causes of human death. The recommendations provide modern data on the treatment and prevention of this terrible event.
Sun Bulletin Acute cardiovascular failure 2010
Fainting. Manifestations of fainting. Urgent care. Collapse. Manifestations of collapse. Shock. Manifestations of shock.
Lecture Transfusiology 2010
Stavropol State Medical Academy. Lectures. Transfusiology. 2000 History. Components and blood products. Blood substitutes. Determination of blood type. Rhesus. Methods for determining the Rh factor. Samples for Rh compatibility. HIV, HBs, Hepatitis B, C, Lues. Prevention Post-transfusion complications. Orders.
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