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abstract History of medicine 2012
The emergence of medicine and its development until the 16th century. Medicine in the 16-19 centuries. The development of medicine in the 20th century. Some problems of modern medicine. Medicine in the USSR. Literature.
abstract History of Hematology 2012
Introduction The accumulation of knowledge about the composition and properties of blood. The discovery of red blood cells and the establishment of their life. The study of hemoglobin. The discovery of blood groups and the Rh factor. The discovery of leukocytes and the mechanism of immunity. The discovery of platelets and a description of the mechanism of blood coagulation. The Russian blood service today. The development of clinical hematology. The development of hematology in Russia Treatment of leukemia Treatment of anemia Bone marrow transplantation Conclusion References
abstract German doctor and bacteriologist Heinrich Robert Koch 2012
The early years of life Higher education Major achievements and scientific works Outstanding discoveries Pupils and followers of the great scientist
abstract Matvey Yakovlevich Mudrov - the great Russian scientist 2011
Introduction Basic biographical data. M. Ya. Mudrov in the years of his training. The activities of M. Ya. Mudrov in medicine. Assessment of the activities of Mudrov by contemporaries and descendants. Conclusion List of references.
abstract Interesting discoveries in medicine 2011
Introduction History of N. N. Sytin Sytin Method (SOEVUS) Conclusion References
Zheleznikova L.I., Kolyado V.B. Kolyado E.V., Rumor E.Yu. History of medicine 2010
The training manual presents a plan of lectures, seminars and a logical diagram of seminars, including control questions, tests on the history of medicine, a list of questions for classification. The publication will be useful in self-training for classes and standings. This publication is revised and supplemented in accordance with modern requirements for teaching aids. For students of medical, pediatric and medical-prophylactic faculties
abstract Medicine of the peoples of America before and after the Conquista 2010
History Sources of history and medicine Development of empirical knowledge Development of medical knowledge Organization of medical affairs Literature
Course work Andrey Vesaliy in the history of anatomy and medicine 2010
Introduction Biography of Andrey Vesaliy: youth, study at the university. Activities of Andrei Vesalius at the university. Departure from science. A critical analysis of the books of Vesalius. Conclusion References Appendices
Abstract History of Obstetrics 2010
Primitive communal system. Slave system. Ancient Greece. Middle Ages - Feudalism. The period of capitalism. The development of obstetrics in Russia. History of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
M. B. Mirsky History of Medicine and Surgery 2010
The book sets out the stages of development of surgery (from the era of ancient civilizations to the era of the New Age) in the context of world medicine. The manual is written in the framework of the officially approved teaching program for the course "History of Medicine" and is intended for students of medical universities and faculties, as well as graduate students and residents for passing the candidate minimum. The training manual is supplemented by a CD containing an illustrative application with photographs and portraits of famous figures of medicine and surgery - scientists and doctors.
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