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Lectures Lectures and practical exercises in genetics 2011
History of methods Fundamentals of molecular genetics Patterns of inheritance of traits Variability Classification of hereditary diseases Chromosomal diseases Hereditary gene diseases Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hereditary diseases
Ugolnikova E.G. (comp.) Collection of tasks on medical genetics 2011
A collection of tasks on medical genetics Compiled from various literary sources by a teacher of medical genetics at the Engels Medical College Ugolnikova E. G. Gene diseases. Heredity and pathology. Methods of studying human heredity. Medical genetic counseling. Application Generation of pedigrees. Application Hereditary diseases. Application Algorithm for solving genetics problems. application
abstract Problems of medical genetics. Genetic Counseling 2011
Medical genetics, its development. Problems honey. genetics, ethical principles, genetic screening, prenatal diagnosis, goals, objectives and methods of the IHC, stages of the IHC.
Test Chromosomal diseases caused by a violation of the number of autosomes 2011
The concept of autosomes, their number, functions. Partial and complete monosomies: cat scream syndrome Lejeune syndrome de Grusha syndrome Trisomy: Down syndrome Edwards syndrome Patau syndrome
abstract Hereditary diseases 2011
Introduction - Etiology of hereditary diseases - Gene diseases - Chromosomal diseases - Diseases with a primary biochemical defect - Treatment and prevention of hereditary diseases Conclusion Literature
abstract Hereditary human diseases 2010
Introduction The subject and methods of anthropogenetics and medical genetics. Organization of the hereditary apparatus of human cells (organization levels: gene, chromosomal, genomic). Mutation process and hereditary diseases of man. Factors causing mutations in the hereditary apparatus. Importance of diagnosis and treatment for hereditary diseases. Genetic counseling in the prevention of hereditary diseases.
abstract Chromosomes and chromosomal diseases 2010
Chromosomes and chromosomal diseases. Dental manifestations of hereditary diseases and syndromes. Craniofacial anomalies, in particular morphological changes in the teeth, may be due to chromosomal aberrations, gene mutations, as well as the combined actions of many genes and environmental factors. such multifactorial diseases are a common group of hereditary diseases and congenital malformations.
abstract Gene diseases and their characteristics 2009
Gene diseases; Causes of gene pathologies; Autosomal dominant monogenic diseases; Autosomal recessive monogenic diseases; Diseases linked to X- or Y-chromosomes; Classification: Principles of classification; Classification. Literature.
abstract Chromosomal sex diseases (Turner syndrome, Trisomy syndrome X) 2009
Introduction The mechanism of developmental disorders in chromosomal diseases Classification of chromosomal diseases General characteristics of diseases Shereshevsky's syndrome - Turner Trisomy syndrome - X Conclusion References
Tyunyaev A.A. Blood types. Homeologic Chromosome Immunodeficiency Syndrome 2009
The monograph is devoted to research: is the geographical distribution of blood groups among the population related to the anthropological and medical changes that occurred in the studied groups of this population. The work allows us to solve the problem of the interaction of blood groups and genetic diseases, bearing in mind that the latter are an inevitable consequence of the former. The basis for these studies was the methodology of the new fundamental science of Organics, the developer of which is the author. The annex to the monograph sets out the brief foundations of the new science of Organics.

The monograph is intended for researchers - physicians, biologists and geneticists, faculty, graduate students and students of universities and universities of these specialties. It may be of interest to historians and anthropologists, as well as to anyone interested in new, unconventional approaches to scientific research.
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