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abstract Development and activities of PR-services in healthcare of the Russian Federation 2012


“Development of“ Public Relations ”services in the healthcare sector of the Russian Federation”

“Practical implementation of PR in the healthcare system of the Russian Federation”

“The role of health information systems and technologies”


List of literature used for writing the abstract
Course work The formation of the behavior of consumers of medical services under the influence of demand 2012
Healthcare marketing is currently in its infancy. This is a difficult path of evolutionary development, overcoming numerous difficulties and contradictions, the accumulation of experience. And the sooner the positive experience becomes the property of doctors, heads of healthcare institutions, the more successfully difficulties and serious shortcomings will be overcome that relate to the most important value of society - people's health.
Test Organization, rationing and remuneration at a health care enterprise 2012
Organization, rationing and remuneration at a health care facility. Workplace equipment. Service jobs. Principles Regulations. Organizational analysis. Division of labor in health facilities. Types of compensation payments. The list of types of compensation payments. Analysis of the movement of personnel in hospitals according to the following data: Status of personnel. The average number of paramedical personnel working in hospitals, people Retired mid-level medical staff working in medical facilities, including those of their own free will, people Admitted to the health facility during the year, pers. The number of employees in hospitals during the year, people The turnover ratio for reception. Retirement rate. Coefficient of fluidity. Personnel constancy coefficient
Exam Answers Public Health and Health Organization 2011
Definition of the concept: “norm”, “disease”, “third state”. Interpretation of the term “health” in the WHO charter. The science of the population, its main indicators. Types of population. Factors affecting public health and their significance. Physical development of the population. Signs of his study. Types of incidence, their characteristics and methods of study. Assessment of public health status. The most important socially significant diseases and their prevention. The most important tasks of the state in protecting the health of citizens. The principles of Russian health care. The concept of social insurance, risk factors for social insurance. The purpose of health insurance and its types. The subjects of health insurance, their functions. Key legislative documents on health insurance. Basic territorial MHI programs. The activities of medical institutions in the health insurance system and the rights of citizens. Health care reform. State policy for the protection of public health. The system of organization of medical care. Russian public health structure. Organization of preventive care for the urban population, new types of medical institutions. Features of the organization of medical and preventive care to the rural population. The activities of outpatient facilities, their structure, the main documentation, performance indicators. Disability and rehabilitation. Their significance. Inpatient care for the population (structure, activities, documentation, performance indicators) Emergency medical care. Evaluation of her work. Maternity care in Russia. The activities of medical institutions, performance indicators. Features of protecting the health of children and adolescents. Types of medical facilities. Their activities and performance appraisals. Health economics, principles and objectives. Types of efficiency in healthcare. Healthcare marketing, types, goals. Healthcare marketing activities. Source of health care financing. The model of budget insurance medicine. Concept of budget and estimate. Health funds and compulsory medical insurance. Their formation and execution. The concept of management, the purpose and main functions of activities in healthcare management. Management structure in the Russian Federation. The healthcare system of the Russian Federation (state, municipal, private). The concept of licensing and accreditation.
Lecture Health Effectiveness. Determining Health Effectiveness 2011
In the lecture, the concept of health care efficiency is given, various types of health care performance indicators and their calculation are considered, much attention is paid to the cost-effectiveness of healthcare and its features in healthcare.
the federal law On the basics of protecting the health of citizens in the Russian Federation 2011
This Federal Law governs the relations that arise in the field of protecting the health of citizens in the Russian Federation (hereinafter - in the field of health), and determines: 1) the legal, organizational and economic basis for protecting the health of citizens; 2) the rights and obligations of man and citizen, certain groups of the population in the field of health protection, guarantees for the implementation of these rights; 3) the powers and responsibilities of state authorities of the Russian Federation, state authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and local governments in the field of health; 4) the rights and obligations of medical organizations, other organizations, individual entrepreneurs in carrying out activities in the field of health protection; 5) the rights and obligations of medical workers and pharmaceutical workers.
Course work Formation of a municipal task in healthcare institutions 2011
Introduction The basic principles of public health planning at the municipal level. Determining the amount of medical care provided to the population of the municipality in the framework of state guarantees. Formation of the municipal task of the Municipal Healthcare Institution "Novopavlovskaya precinct hospital of the Petrovsk-Zabaykalsky District". Conclusions. Suggestions. Conclusion List of used literature.
abstract The essence of health system and policy 2011
Belgorod, Belgorod State University. Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education. Introduction Priority areas of the national health project “Health”. The role of the nurse in programs to protect public health and ensure a high quality of life for patients. Principles of primary health care. The program of state guarantee for the provision of free medical care to citizens of the Russian Federation. Conclusion Literature.
Course work Organization of medical care in pre-trial detention centers 2011
Introduction Main part. Organization of work of the medical unit of the pre-trial detention center. Medical and preventive maintenance of suspects, accused and convicted in the medical unit. Rules for the transfer of suspects, accused and convicted persons in medical facilities. Indications for hospitalization in hospitals of patients with a surgical profile. Indications for hospitalization in hospitals of patients with ENT pathology. Indications for hospitalization in hospitals of urological patients. Treatment and preventive measures against certain diseases. Mental disorders. Alcoholism and drug addiction. Venereal diseases. HIV infection. Tuberculosis. Injury and poisoning. Referrals of suspects, accused and convicted persons for examination (re-examination) to medical and social examination institutions. Medical support for suspects, accused and convicted persons during transportation and release from institutions. Application.
Course work Characteristics of public health and health indicators in the area 2010
Characteristics of indicators of public health and health care in the district of the State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education Saratov State Medical University named after V.I.
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