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Instead of a conclusion

And instead of a conclusion, I would like to quote Rudolf Zagainov:

“Many years of thinking about my profession give reason to consider it not only the most difficult (in terms of technology, efforts and other components), but also cruel, ruthlessly weeding out psychologists who can’t cope with the tasks for which they had to take on fate, which didn’t correspond to them .

To be “relevant” to the tasks of practical psychology means the mandatory presence of abilities for this profession, even talent, but this does not give any guarantees of future professional success. There is still such a powerful “human factor”, which in the “man - man” system determines everything - both the quality of work and its final result. Therefore, in addition to talent, it is necessary to have all the qualities listed above, including readiness for self-sacrifice, without which success in our work is unrealistic.

The psychologist cannot work half-heartedly, medium.
There are no intermediate categories in the classification of psychologists. There are only two of them: good psychologists and the unemployed. An unsuccessful psychologist, as life shows, is not needed.

This specific difference between the profession of a practical psychologist and many others allows us to consider the use of the concept legitimate

“The curse of the profession” [Zagainov. S. 568-569].

We believe that if we replace the word “curse” with “blessing”, the meaning of what has been said will not only not change, but also become clearer. After all, to whom much has been given, much is being asked. So, a psychologist is a blessed profession. And, probably, it is no coincidence that psychologists are sometimes still confused with priests.
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Instead of a conclusion

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