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Karandashev VN. Psychology: Introduction to the profession., 2000
Book of Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor V.N. Karandasheva is the first textbook in Russian literature on the course "Introduction to the Profession" for students enrolled in the specialty "Psychology". It will also be useful to those who want to become a professional psychologist and are going to enter the psychological departments of universities and institutes.

The book shows the diversity of psychological knowledge about a person, describes the history of the emergence of the profession of a psychologist, presents the main activities of professional psychologists in the scientific and practical fields: in medicine, in education, in social psychology, in economics, industry, in legal psychology, in sports, consulting services.

An essential place in the book is occupied by the characterization of professional, ethical and personal qualities that are important for the successful work of a psychologist. The system of training professional psychologists and the principles of organization of the psychological community are described.

The study guide is completed by a terminological dictionary that will help a novice psychologist navigate the world of professional language and provide a better understanding of psychological literature.
Wilhelm Wundt
Psychology as a profession
Scientific and educational activities of professional psychologists
Practical Psychology as a Field of Professional Psychologists
Psychological work in the medical field
Psychological work in the field of education
Social Psychology
Labor Psychology and Organizational Psychology
Psychology in Economics
Psychology in legal practice
Psychology in sports
Advisory psychology
Training of professional psychologists
Professional and personal qualities of a psychologist. Professional Ethics Psychologist

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