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Kazantseva A .. Who would have thought! How the brain makes us do stupid things, 2014
The book of young scientific journalist Asi Kazantseva is about the main biological traps that prevent us from living happily and behaving well. Relying mostly on authoritative scientific works and only occasionally on personal experience, the author tells in an interesting and accessible way where bad habits come from, why it is so difficult to work in November and what substances underlie the chemistry of love. Asya Kazantseva, a graduate of the biology faculty of St. Petersburg State University, is a zealous popularizer of big science. She was one of the creators of the Progress program on Channel Five and a participant in the Science 2.0 project on Russia TV; Her articles and columns have been published in a wide variety of publications - from the Trinity version to Men's Health. How the brain makes us do stupid things is her first book.
Bad habits
“But I threw it easy!”

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