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T.M. Drozdova. Sanitation and Food Hygiene, 2005
The training manual examined modern issues of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, given the hygienic characteristics of environmental factors and its impact on food safety and human health, substantiated the sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the improvement of food facilities and measures to ensure the sanitary regime at food enterprises. The manual “Sanitation and Hygiene” consists of two parts (part 1: chapter 1-5, part 2: chapter 6-9). In the 1st part of the training manual, the issues of state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance are highlighted, the hygienic characteristics of environmental factors are described, the sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the improvement of food facilities, the hygienic basis of the design and construction of food facilities, the sanitary regime of food facilities are analyzed. Designed for university students, and may also be useful for professionals working in various food enterprises and engaged in the production and sale of food.
Structure and functions of the Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-Being
Chemical composition of air
Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for the improvement of food facilities
Personal hygiene and health monitoring
Laboratory and practical work

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