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Crib. Spurs on Hygiene, 2011
Issues considered: The concept of hygiene as a science. Hygienic research methods. The history of hygiene. The role of domestic scientists in the development of hygiene science. The importance of air for humans. Representation of the atmosphere. The composition of the air. Regulatory requirements for the air environment of classrooms Temperature and humidity. Control over these indicators in educational and sports facilities Atmospheric pressure and air movement, control over these indicators in educational and sports rooms. Ionization of air. Air pollution factors, their effect on the human body. The concept of climate and weather, their classification and characteristics. Acclimatization of athletes Physical properties of water (temperature, transparency, color, taste, smell) and the effect of these properties on human health. The chemical composition of water. Water pollution: physical, chemical, bacteriological. The ability of water sources to self-purify Local and central water supply. Sanitary protection of water sources. Water purification and disinfection Hygienic requirements for drinking water, pool water. Water protection. Etc.

Books and textbooks on the subject of Hygiene and Sanitary Inspection:

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