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Features of placement and effective sizes of healthcare enterprises

When analyzing the potential effectiveness of placing a health care enterprise in any territory and assessing the effects of survival factors, a number of industry-specific features arise (Table 7):

Table 7 -

factors of placement of health care enterprises by survival criterion

acceptance (compulsory medical insurance, budget financing), on the other hand, by regulating prices for services

(eliminating the possibility of price arbitrariness on the part of the manufacturer).

The attractiveness of a healthcare enterprise for a city (region) is evaluated positively by the following factors:

• promotion of general employment,

• promoting the employment of target groups (doctors and paramedical personnel),

• assistance in the formation of the chosen image of the municipality or region (concern for public health),

• promoting the growth of the level, and, most importantly, quality of life

According to certain factors of distribution, the influence of the healthcare enterprise on the socio-economic situation of the territory is neutral.
In particular, a healthcare company does not affect the development of related industries and the structural diversification of the local economy, and does not affect the environment.

Placing a health care enterprise on the territory of a municipality leads to an increase in expenses and a decrease in budget revenues (in the case of financing the enterprise from the local budget). Therefore, the assessment of the effectiveness of the placement of a new enterprise (or the determination of the size of an existing one) should be carried out in parallel with an assessment of the possibility of a local budget.
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Features of placement and effective sizes of healthcare enterprises

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