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Prospects for the technical, economic and social development of the industry. Health Development Concept

In the process of state regulation of the development of sectors of the national economy of the Russian Federation, individual measures, plans, programs are developed, as well as long-term development forecasts and concepts are developed that determine the foundations of the strategic development of each industry.

Reforming the links of the medical and social system requires the development of theoretical and methodological foundations, a comprehensive consideration of the factors and trends of social, and not just market-oriented development. The formation of the market for medical goods and services leads to a certain transformation of the goals and objectives of the functioning of the medical and social complex.

The main document determining the future development of Russian healthcare for the period up to 2010 is the “Concept for the development of healthcare and medical science in the Russian Federation”, adopted by a resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation in 1997.

The purpose of the Concept is to preserve and improve people's health, as well as reduce direct and indirect losses of society by reducing morbidity and mortality.

The main objectives of the Concept are:

• an increase in the scope of disease prevention measures;

• reducing the time needed to restore lost public health by introducing modern methods of prevention, diagnosis and treatment into medical practice;

• improving the efficiency of resource use in health care.

The implementation of the Concept is based on the following principles:

• universality, social justice and access to medical care for the population, regardless of the social status of citizens, their income and place of residence;

• preventive focus;

• economic efficiency of the functioning of medical institutions; the unity of medical science and practice;

• active participation of the population in solving health issues.

The concept notes the importance of:

• formation of state policy in the field of healthcare and medical science and increasing the responsibility of all authorities for its implementation;

• ensuring the adequacy of financial resources to state guarantees in the field of healthcare, a phased increase in the share of funds allocated for financing healthcare, to 6-7% of gross domestic product;

• development of the private sector in healthcare; improving legal regulation of health care activities;

• development and implementation of advanced forms and methods of organization of state sanitary and epidemiological surveillance, hygienic and epidemiological expertise, monitoring of human health and human environment;

• pursuing an investment policy that ensures high investment efficiency - maximum medical, social and economic effect per unit of cost;

• improving the qualifications of medical workers,

improving the system of their training, retraining;

• increasing the social security of medical workers, including increasing wages;

• involvement of professional medical associations in the implementation of state policy in the field of healthcare and medical science;

• improving state regulation in the field of providing medicines, medical devices and medical equipment;

• increasing the interest of citizens in maintaining and strengthening their health.

The implementation of the Concept should contribute to the restructuring of the industry, the formation of enterprises of all forms of ownership, including the development of the private sector.
In the primary health care system, the role of general medical practice is increasing. Further development will be given to inter-district and inter-regional clinical centers of specialized medical care, mobile forms of medical care for the population in rural areas.

Reforming industry legislation and approaches to managing the industry suggests that the further functioning and development of the Russian medical and social system will obviously take place in the following areas:

1. The combination of all social functions of the state under a single control. In particular, state regulation of the development of the industry is carried out in the interconnection of the management of the social development of Russian society and healthcare.

2. Integration of pension, social and health insurance.

Replacing insurance premiums with a unified social tax, injecting part of pension insurance funds into healthcare through additional state insurance of non-working pensioners, and other trends confirm this hypothesis.

3. Development of national and regional programs of privatization and privatization of medical production facilities.

4. Reforming the financial and economic mechanisms of medical production activities.

5. The personification and targeting of state social protection funds, which is manifested, in particular, in the process of monetization of benefits.

The implementation of these measures should contribute to the further technical, economic and social development of the industry.
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Prospects for the technical, economic and social development of the industry. Health Development Concept

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