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Article 57. Medical sterilization

1. Medical sterilization as a special medical intervention in order to deprive a person of the ability to reproduce offspring or as a method of contraception can be carried out only upon a written application of a citizen over the age of thirty-five years or a citizen with at least two children, and if there are medical indications and informed voluntary consent of a citizen - regardless of the age and availability of children.

2. At the request of the legal representative of an adult who has been declared legally incapable in the manner prescribed by law, if such a person is incapable of expressing his will by his condition, medical sterilization is possible by a court decision made with the participation of an adult who is declared legally incapable.

3. The list of medical indications for medical sterilization is determined by the authorized federal executive body.
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Article 57. Medical sterilization

  1. Industry standard. Sterilization and disinfection of medical devices (Extracts)
    OST 42-21-2-85 was put into effect by Order of 10.06.85 No. 770 (extracts) Methods, means and modes Non-compliance with the standard is prosecuted by law. This standard applies to medical devices subjected to sterilization and / or disinfection during operation. The standard is mandatory for institutions operating medical devices, as well as for
  2. ANNEX 1. Sterilization of medical devices
    All medical devices (hereinafter referred to as “the products”) in contact with the wound surface, in contact with blood or injection drugs, as well as certain types of products that come into contact with the mucous membrane during operation and may cause damage to it, are subjected to pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization. Pre-sterilization cleaning Pre-sterilization
  3. Article 20. Informed voluntary consent to medical intervention and to refusal of medical intervention
    1. A necessary prerequisite for medical intervention is the provision of informed voluntary consent of a citizen or his legal representative for medical intervention on the basis of the complete information provided by the medical officer in an accessible form about the goals, methods of providing medical care, the risk associated with them, possible options for medical intervention,
  4. Article 37. Procedures for the provision of medical care and standards of medical care
    1. Medical care is organized and provided in accordance with the procedures for the provision of medical care, mandatory for execution in the territory of the Russian Federation by all medical organizations, as well as on the basis of medical care standards. 2. The procedures for the provision of medical care and the standards of medical care are approved by the authorized federal executive body.
  5. Guidelines for the control of sterilization using sterilization indicators IS-120, IS-132, IS-160, IS-180 of the Scientific-Production Firm "VINAR"
    I APPROVE the Head of the Department of Prevention of the Ministry R.I. KhALITOV Healthcare of the Russian Federation dated 11.06.93 No. 11-8 / 03-54 General Provisions These Guidelines are intended for all health care workers who perform work related to the disinfection and sterilization of medical instruments and medical devices, as well as
  6. Section 65. Medical Examination
    1. A medical examination of a person is a combination of methods of medical examination and medical research aimed at confirming such a state of human health, which entails the onset of legally significant consequences. 2. Types of medical examination are: 1) examination for intoxication (alcohol, drug
  7. Section 32. Medical Assistance
    1. Medical assistance is provided by medical organizations and is classified by type, condition and form of such assistance. 2. The types of medical care include: 1) primary health care; 2) specialized, including high-tech, medical care; 3) ambulance, including specialized ambulance, medical care; 4) palliative
  8. Article 38. Medical devices
    1. Medical products are any tools, devices, devices, equipment, materials and other products used for medical purposes separately or in combination with each other, as well as together with other accessories necessary for the use of these products for their intended purpose, including special software, and intended by the manufacturer for the prevention, diagnosis,
  9. Section 58. Medical Examination
    1. A medical examination is a study conducted in the prescribed manner, aimed at establishing the state of health of a citizen, in order to determine his ability to carry out labor or other activities, as well as establishing a causal relationship between the impact of any events, factors and the state of health of a citizen. 2. In the Russian Federation are held
  10. Section 49. Medical Waste
    1. Medical waste - all types of waste, including anatomical, pathoanatomical, biochemical, microbiological and physiological, generated in the process of carrying out medical activities and pharmaceutical activities, activities for the production of medicines and medical devices. 2. Medical waste is divided according to their epidemiological
  11. Section 36. Palliative Care
    1. Palliative care is a set of medical interventions aimed at relieving pain and alleviating other severe manifestations of the disease, in order to improve the quality of life of terminally ill citizens. 2. Palliative care may be provided on an outpatient and inpatient basis by medical personnel trained to provide
  12. Article 79. Obligations of medical organizations
    1. A medical organization must: 1) provide emergency medical assistance to citizens; 2) carry out medical activities in accordance with legislative and other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, including the procedures for the provision of medical care and standards of medical care; 3) inform citizens about the possibility of receiving medical care in
  13. Article 84. Payment for medical services
    1. Citizens have the right to receive paid medical services provided at their request in the provision of medical care, and paid non-medical services (household, service, transportation and other services) provided additionally when providing medical care. 2. Paid medical services are provided to patients at the expense of personal funds of citizens, funds of employers and other funds for
  14. Article 78. Rights of medical organizations
    A medical organization has the right: 1) to make proposals to the founder on optimizing the provision of medical care to citizens; 2) participate in the provision of medical assistance to the citizens of the Russian Federation in accordance with the program of state guarantees of free medical assistance to citizens, which includes the basic program of compulsory medical insurance; 3)
  15. Section 19. Right to Medical Assistance
    1. Everyone has the right to medical care. 2. Everyone has the right to guaranteed medical assistance provided without charge in accordance with the program of state guarantees of free medical assistance to citizens, as well as to receive paid medical services and other services, including in accordance with a voluntary medical insurance contract. 3.
  16. Article 97. Medical statistics
    1. Medical statistics - a branch of statistics that includes statistics on medicine, hygiene, public health, on the use of health resources, and on the activities of medical organizations. 2. Statistical observation in the field of healthcare is carried out by the authorized federal executive body. 3. The procedure for statistical observation in
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