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Features of the psychological health of the population of Russia

The well-being of a person depends on his mental and bodily health. A holistic approach to this problem emphasizes a person’s personal responsibility for their health and well-being. Each of us can and should control our emotions, eat rationally, perform physical exercises, fight stress, and participate in public life. In the power of everyone - do not use drugs, do not abuse alcohol, do not smoke. It is also important that a person’s life has a spiritual foundation, which gives meaning to life. A person is personally responsible for his own health and well-being.

Signs of mental health include self-esteem, the ability to survive failures, independence, effective stress management, caring for other people, the quality of relationships with other people.

Any changes in our life, even positive ones, make us adapt to new circumstances. Marriage, divorce, university entrance, graduation - all these events are stressors. Even winning the lottery of ten million should be recognized as a stressor, since the newly-minted millionaire must get used to his status.

The action of stressors accumulates and accumulates. The more of them in our life during this period, the higher will be the level of our stress.

Many people who have not learned how to effectively manage their psyche live for many years in a state of severe stress, as a result of which with high probability one can expect the appearance of one or more of the following diseases: allergies, muscle cramps, arthritis, menstrual irregularities, asthma, infertility, back pain, colds, high blood pressure, cardiac ischemia, cancer, headaches, indigestion, impotence, stomach or duodenal ulcer, skin diseases.

A characteristic sign of severe stress is a loss of appetite: people eat too much or almost completely refuse food.

In the difficult transitional period for Russia, the level of stress associated with labor activity has significantly increased.
Increased unemployment and competition have put many people on the brink of a mental breakdown.

Regardless of what the source of stress is, work, study or personal life, its outcome is always the same - severe health problems. That is why each of us needs the ability to deal with stress.

Each of us has its own optimal level of stress, which is determined by hereditary and other factors.

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Features of the psychological health of the population of Russia

  1. The state of health of the population of Russia
    The health of the Russian population is currently in critical condition. 180-190 million cases of acute and chronic diseases are registered annually in the country, while about 100 million of them are diagnosed for the first time. An increase in adult morbidity is observed in almost all classes of diseases. HIV is spreading rapidly, and specialists
  2. Demographic characteristics of the health of the population of Russia
    The health status of the country's population is estimated by demographic, socio-economic, medical aspects and by special surveys. A demographic catastrophe has occurred in Russia: every year the country's population decreases by 1.5 million people; the birth rate has halved, and 0.8 children per family. According to demographic estimates, the population of Russia despite the influx of refugees
  3. Regulatory framework for the protection of public health in Russia
    The legal regulation of the relationship between man and society at all times could not get around the sphere of protecting the health of citizens and medical activities. However, the right to health care and affordable medical care has only recently been envisaged in the laws of various countries. In 1948, this right was declared internationally in the Universal Declaration of Rights
  6. Abstract of dissertation for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences. Socio-psychological features of the image of the Russian armed forces in the youth environment, 2005
    Specialty: 19.00.05 - social psychology (psychological sciences) The dissertation was completed at the Department of Psychology of the Military
  7. Davydov DG. Socio-psychological features of the image of the Armed Forces of Russia in the youth environment, 2005
    The dissertation for the degree of candidate of psychological sciences (as a manuscript). Specialty: 19.00.05 - social psychology (psychological sciences). The supervisor is Doctor of Psychology, Professor Utlik Ernst Platonovich. Leading organization: Air Force Academy named after Yu. A. Gagarin. The dissertation was completed at the Department of Psychology, Military University.
  8. The population of Russia is dying out
    According to the Interdepartmental Commission on Environmental Safety (Russian Security Council), which considered the issue of worsening the demographic situation, it was reported: “... the population of the Russian Federation in 1995 decreased by 0.2% (380 thousand) and amounted to 148 million. human. The number of deaths exceeded the number of births 1.6 times. Fertility is declining. The number of births decreased by
  9. Public Health Assessment and Health Analysis
    Public health (OZ) is the country's most important socio-economic potential, due to the influence of various environmental factors and the way of life of the population, which ensures the optimal level of quality and safety of people's lives. The scientific basis and methodology of their comprehensive study of environmental health is laid down in biostatistics. The impact of risk factors on public health and characteristics
  10. The work of the unit commander for the study of individual psychological characteristics of personnel and the preservation of the mental health of military personnel
    Students of a higher military educational institution, like members of any other collective, differ from each other in a variety of individual traits: level of consciousness, general development, culture, education, interests, abilities, character, physical development, etc. Along with this, cadets of various courses of study also differ from one another in a number of features,
  11. Unresolved problems of ensuring the quality of medical care to the population of the Russian Far East
    The “shoulders” of doctors and nurses bear a heavy burden of responsibility for the quality of medical services provided. Russian society still perceives medical workers as a certain category of people dressed in white clothes and having taken the Hippocratic oath, who should work for the good of that very society, denying itself the most necessary. For example, in obtaining a decent salary
  12. Population health indicators
    Currently, there is a distinction between public health (public health) and individual health (individual health). Individual health is the health of an individual. It is assessed by personal well-being, the presence or absence of diseases, physical condition, etc. Group health - the health of individual communities of people: age, professional, etc.
  13. Valueological aspects of reproductive health
    Protecting the reproductive health of the population as a problem Traditionally, the problems of population were studied in the framework of demographic science, but as a result of their long-term understanding by the international scientific and political community, these problems began to be interpreted more broadly, including medical and socio-psychological aspects. Health as defined by the World Organization
  14. Methodological principles for studying the state of public health
    Data on morbidity, mortality, disability, and physical development of the population can be obtained from various sources of information, the main groups of which are: 1) official reports of medical institutions and health authorities, social welfare offices, registry offices, state statistics bodies; 2) specially organized registration of cases of diseases and deaths in
  15. State policy in the field of public health
    1. Formation of a unified state policy to preserve the health of the population, increasing the responsibility of all authorities and each citizen for its implementation. 2. Preservation of the foundations of the state (free) system of health care, compliance with the constitutional rights of citizens to protect health. 3. Correspondence of resources allocated by the state in the oblast to volumes of free MP guaranteed to the population.
  16. Basics of legislation on public health
    "Fundamentals of the legislation of the Russian Federation on the protection of the health of citizens" (approved by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on July 22, 1993 N 5487-1) (as amended on March 7, 2005) General Provisions Article 1. Protection of the health of citizens Protection of the health of citizens is a combination of political, economic, legal, social, cultural, scientific, medical, sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic nature aimed
    All Saints of the Health Protection Assembly at the 13th Session in 1977 I set all the territory of Ukraine to the main social meta for the period until the end of the XXth century: people reach the planet of such a healthy state, which would allow them to be productive in their social and economic plans for life. The meta has appeared unreal at the all-encompassing scale. Unreal won out in our country,
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