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Healthy lifestyle and its determining factors

Man is the most complex and subtlest system,

she is capable of self-healing.

However, our lifestyle often contradicts

the needs of the body and harms it.

I.P. Pavlov

Factors affecting health. Health and lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle. Biological and passport age. The amount of health.

It is known that a huge number of different factors affect a person and his health. All of them were divided into four large groups and the effect of each of these groups on the human body was revealed:

• medicine affects 10%;

• genetic factors (heredity) - 15%;

• environmental factors (environment) - 25%;

• human lifestyle - 50%.

It becomes clear that it is lifestyle that has the most serious impact on the health of every person. The way of life - modus vivendi - translated from the Latin language, denotes a system of relationships between a person and himself and environmental factors. GL Apanasenko defines lifestyle as a social category that includes lifestyle and lifestyle. According to the WHO definition, lifestyle is a way of being based on the interaction between living conditions and specific patterns of behavior of the individual.

Currently, several components have been identified that are part of the lifestyle model and allow us to study their effect on the health of various population groups:

• production activity;

• socio-political activity;

• social activity;

• household activities;

• socio-cultural activity;

• physical activity;

• medical activity, etc.

To maintain and strengthen health, a person needs to lead a healthy lifestyle (HLS). A healthy lifestyle is a complex of sustainable, healthy habits.

G.P. Artyunina defines a healthy lifestyle of a person as a way of life, corresponding to the genetically determined typological features of a given person, specific living conditions, and aimed at the formation, preservation and strengthening of health and the fulfillment by a person of his socio-biological functions.

V.V. Kolbanov interprets HLS as the maximum number of biologically and socially appropriate forms and methods of life, adequate to the needs and abilities of a person, consciously realized by him, ensuring the formation, preservation and strengthening of health, the ability to prolong the species and achieve active longevity.

B.N. Chumakov describes the concept of healthy lifestyles as “typical forms and methods of human daily life that strengthen and improve the reserve capabilities of the body, thereby ensuring the successful fulfillment of their social and professional functions regardless of political, economic and socio-psychological situations.”

The components of healthy lifestyle are:

1. rational nutrition;

2. full sleep;

3. compliance with the regime of work and rest;

4. hardening;

5. compliance with hygiene standards and rules;

6. refusal of bad habits;

7. dosed physical activity;

8. sexual culture, rational family planning;

9. psychological comfort, etc.

It is necessary to pay attention to such a component of lifestyle as bad habits. It is widely believed that addiction, alcoholism and smoking are bad habits. In fact, these are drug-related diseases and we will discuss them in the appropriate section. And bad habits include violation of the regime, overeating, improper sitting position / using a high pillow during sleep, the habit of biting nails, etc., etc. There are even whole sets of rules on how to sit, brush your teeth, get out of bed in the morning ..,

In valeology, it is customary to determine by individual methods and systems such individual indicators as biological age, amount of health, health reserve, etc. This must be done to predict the personal health prospects of each person interested in this and to develop individual health-saving programs in accordance with these indicators.

Depending on what lifestyle the individual leads, his state of health can be maintained, strengthened or worsened.
In a person leading a healthy lifestyle, as a rule, the biological age corresponds to the passport age, and for someone who does not protect their health, he is ahead of the chronological age.

Biological age (anatomical and physiological) - the correspondence of the biological state of the body to the level of development, indicators of the basic physiological systems and quantitative characteristics of health, the most typical for determining passport age. Biological age is determined by a combination of metabolic, structural, functional, regulatory features and adaptive capabilities of the body. It may not correspond to chronological age.

Passport age (chronological) - the period of time from the moment of birth to the present or any other moment of calculation.

According to N.M. Amosov, the amount of health is the sum of the “reserve capacities” of the basic functional systems of the body. To quantify the state of health, it is necessary to evaluate its individual elements and identify the degree of interconnection between them.

The concept of lifestyle is interconnected with the following categories:

• living conditions,

• the quality of life,

• standard of living,

• life style.

Living conditions - conditions that determine (social) and mediate (natural) lifestyles.

Quality of life - the degree of comfort in meeting human needs.

The standard of living is an economic category that provides a degree of satisfaction of a person’s material, spiritual and cultural needs.

Lifestyle - behavioral characteristics of human life.

The formation of healthy lifestyles is an incentive to include in the daily life of an individual various new forms of behavior that are beneficial to his health; change, or even abandonment of many unhealthy habits; mastery of knowledge, on the basis of which it is possible to competently, safely and with health benefits start leading a healthy lifestyle, gradually achieving that these everyday forms of health promotion become familiar.

Healthy lifestyles are formed by all parties and manifestations of society, associated with personal and motivational embodiment by an individual of his social, psychological and physiological capabilities and abilities. Therefore, the process of forming a healthy lifestyle of the population includes the following stages:

• informing the population about risk factors and the degree of their impact on health;

• building confidence in the need to implement recommendations to address risk factors;

• education of skills that have a beneficial effect on health and minimize negative effects.

The formation of healthy lifestyle skills should be comprehensive and combine the implementation of national activities with individual behavior. It is rational to begin to develop a complex of stable and healthy habits rationally in childhood. At this age, with the right combination of a stable daily regimen, proper upbringing, and healthy living conditions — a complex of habits of healthy rubbish — it is easily developed for life and fixed for life. From how the skills of a healthy lifestyle in childhood are formed. then in youth, taking into account age and individual characteristics, it largely depends on how much the potential of the individual in the future is revealed.

Test questions and tasks

1. Find materials about P.K. Ivanov and his "Children", tell us about it at the seminar.

2. What groups of factors and in what proportion affect human health?

3. Give a definition and talk about healthy lifestyles.

4. Analyze your lifestyle and try to identify bad habits to which you are exposed. Fill in the plate in the workbook (tab. 3).

5. Remember the new terms and definitions that you encountered while studying this topic.

Table 3 - Analysis of their own bad habits

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Healthy lifestyle and its determining factors

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