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T.V. Dutkevich Child psychology 2012
At the beginning companion, the principle, methods, basic understanding of child psychology are examined; There is a rozkrito of lawfulness of psychological development of children to youthful years, analysis of psychological peculiarities, spiritualities, social and voluntary processes, as well as particularities. Zmіst posibnika stockpiled from the text of the lecture up to all those that have been transferred to the main program, the main vocabulary to understand the list of literature.

The first-hand companion is recommended to students of specialty “Preschool,” “Psychology,” “Practical Psychology,” we can become a teacher of the same discipline, teachers and psychologists of pre-school mortgages
A. S. Fomichenko The causes of aggression in childhood 2010
The article is devoted to the analysis of the possible causes of manifestation of child aggression. The influence of family, individual, school factors is considered. The conditions of family education are highlighted, which contribute to the emergence and consolidation of aggressive manifestations. The indulgent attitude of parents to the manifestations of the aggressiveness of their children and the severity of punishment are significant. The relationship between viewing scenes of violence, cruelty and eroticism on the body of the screen and the aggressive behavior of children is revealed. The characteristics of the child’s personality are examined, which determine the likelihood that he will become an aggressor or a victim. Particular attention is paid to the influence of the school on the formation of child aggressiveness. The relevance and importance of studying this issue, the possibility of applying knowledge to predict and timely correct aggressive behavior in the early stages of ontogenesis are emphasized.
A.N. Yashkova, N.F. Sukhareva Age-related psychology 2009
The textbook on the course of developmental psychology addresses issues of age and age norm, factors and patterns, mechanisms and principles of mental development. The manual contains a characteristic of various periodizations, as well as features of mental development at each age stage, highlighting leading activities, major neoplasms, the social development situation, and age-related crises. The manual contains tasks for self-testing and self-control, as well as a list of recommended literature for the course, a dictionary of psychological terms.

The manual is addressed to university students, but it can also be useful to a wider circle of readers - those who need psychological knowledge in their daily professional activities, as well as everyone who is interested in psychology.
Teaching Aid Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychology 2006
The educational-methodical manual is intended for 2nd year students of the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy, students in the specialty 030301 "Psychology".

The manual presents the content and structure of the course "Development Psychology and Age Psychology", seminar plans with control questions and practical tasks and recommended literature. The manual includes topics of essays for independent work of students. Various forms of monitoring the educational activities of students are presented: exemplary test items of different difficulty levels and indicative questions for the exam on the course.

The manual contains a glossary, as well as tables of age development and schemes of author's periodizations of the formation of the psyche and human consciousness.
Uruntaeva G.A. Child psychology 2006
The textbook (previous editions were published under the title

school psychology ") is written on the basis of basic methodological

and theoretical and psychological provisions adopted in the domestic psi

hologii. He gives a complete picture of psychology as a science and its

practical application. The theory is accompanied by a specific

examples. The textbook has a pronounced practical

governance: the author shows how to apply the knowledge gained in

the process of teaching and raising a child.

For students of secondary pedagogical educational institutions. May be

also useful to students of pedagogical institutes and educators

sky gardens.
Wenger A.L. (ed.) Psychological vocabulary 2005
The dictionary "Development Psychology" covers concepts and categories related to the widest range of processes of the development of the psyche in ontogenesis and phylogenesis. Some of these concepts are specific to developmental psychology, while others are also used in general psychology, but as applied to problems of mental development, they somewhat change their meaning or acquire an additional one. Much attention is paid to the applied areas of developmental psychology and concepts related to psychological practice.
L.S. Vygotsky Human Development Psychology 2005
Lev Semenovich Vygotsky (1896-1934) - an outstanding scientist, thinker, classic of Russian psychology. His legacy is huge (more than 270 works), and ideas are inexhaustible, original and still relevant. He had a huge impact on the development of domestic and world psychology. The famous American philosopher S. Tulmin called him Mozart in psychology. Working in difficult conditions, in a very short time he managed to make an important contribution to the psychology of art, general psychology, child and pedagogical psychology, patho-and neuropsychology, psychology methodology, defectology and pedagogy.

His works represent the best pages of Russian psychological science. The ideas of Vygotsky and his school serve as the basis for the scientific worldview of new generations of psychologists throughout Russia. It was for them that this book was prepared.

New edition of the works of L.S. Vygotsky was prepared taking into account the comments and wishes of the team of teachers of the psychological faculty of Moscow State University. This includes all the work included in the curriculum and necessary in the educational process; everything teachers recommend. This publication is supplemented by rare and unique materials that were not even included in the well-known six-volume collected works of Vygotsky.

This book combines works on general psychology, the second will include works on developmental and educational psychology.
Bowlby John Creating and breaking emotional bonds 2004
The main subject of Bowlby’s thoughts is why the separation from the mother in infancy and early childhood is experienced by the child as acute grief and why the consequences of separation affect mental and bodily well-being throughout the rest of life?

The author consistently convinces the reader that the concepts and approaches developed in the field of animal behavior research clarify a lot and can become the basis for practical actions of children's and clinical psychologists.
I.V. Nosco Developmental Psychology and Developmental Psychology 2003
The textbook on the course of developmental psychology and developmental psychology, one of the main for students of psychological and psychological-pedagogical faculties, outlines the main approaches to understanding and explaining the patterns of human mental development that have developed in foreign and domestic psychology. Various aspects of the development principle in psychology and its main categories are considered. A model of subjective reality and the periodization of its development in ontogenesis are presented; steps, periods and stages of development of the subjectivity of a person within the framework of his individual life.

The training manual contains a selection of materials taking into account the requirements of the State educational standard.

Conclude the training manual dictionary of basic concepts and test items.
Ed. V.E. Shred Age-related psychology 2003
The training manual examines the theoretical ones about the psychology of human development at all age stages. It offers questions for discussion, as well as diagnostic techniques for completing tasks and using them in practical activities.

The manual is addressed to students of higher educational institutions / teachers and students of faculties of increasing the qualifications of educators, practical psychologists.
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