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Offsetting Answers Introduction to the profession of psychologist 2012
The concept of "profession psychologist." Practical psychology and its features. Types of professional psychologist. Features of the training of a psychologist in Russia. A complex of professional and psychological knowledge, skills. The implementation of the functions of a professional. dei-ti. Psychologist's activity in education. Psychologist in economics. "Model specialist" psychologist. Psychology in culture and art. Labor psychology and its specifics. Psychology of advertising. Practical psychologist in politics. Psychologist in the organization. Psychological work with the family. Scientific profession psychologists. Teaching as a field of professional education. psychologists. Directions prof. practical psychologist. Personal qualities of a psychologist. Practical psychologist in medicine. Psychology in the field of social. relationship. Professor ethics of a psychologist. Branches sovr. psychology. Features prof. training in Europe. The role of the psychologist in the modern. about-ve. Prof. psychological associations. Features scientific. and everyday psychology. Prejudices about psychologists. Professional components psychologist. Features crazy. Knowledge: applied psychology, art, parapsychology.
Graduate work The relationship of self-esteem and professional orientation of student psychologists 2012
Theoretical analysis of the classical level. The mathematical treatment of the experimental data are very high-level introduction Psychological characteristics of professional orientation of the theoretical analysis of the problem of professional orientation in the psychological literature Value concepts of professional orientation, professional self-determination and professional qualifications of the individual psychological characteristics of college-age Self-esteem as a psychological category Psychological analysis of self studio setting self-formation ntov during training at the university self-Communication with professional orientation of students Experimental study on the relationship of self to professional orientation of students methods and organization of the research results of the study and interpretation of the estimation of reliability of the relationship of self and professional orientation of students - psychologists Conclusion References
abstract Characteristics of the personality of a counseling psychologist 2012
General requirements for psychological counseling and counseling psychologist

Consultant Identity Requirement - Effective Consultant Model

Consultant Value System

List of references
Bayer O.V. Frequently Asked Questions registration of diplomas and term papers 2012
A training manual for writing any work (course, doctoral, report) in psychology. In Ukrainian Questions. Cover design for coursework. Cover design for diploma. The procedure for filing documents for a diploma. Abstract (only for diplomas). Abstract (only for diplomas). The overall design of the text. Sample plan. Read more about the introduction. About the theoretical review. Design drawings and tables. About empirical research (except for the works of 2nd year students). About the conclusions. Making a list of references. App design.
Lectures Everyday and scientific practical psychology. Part 1 2011
Types of psychological knowledge. Classification of Sciences. Criteria of psychology as a science. The place of psychology in the system of sciences. The science. The main functions of science. The main stages of the formation of psychology as a science. Features of psychological science. The difference between scientific knowledge and other types of knowledge. Branches of psychology. Correlation of scientific and everyday psychology. Comparison of scientific and everyday psychology. Theoretical and practical psychology. Forms of knowledge. The evolution of views on the subject of psychology.
Lectures The personality of a professional. Part 2 2011
Individual style of activity should be understood. Personal qualities of a psychologist. Model specialist in Markova. The concept of a professiogram according to Markova. Contraindications to work as a psychologist. Professional competence of a psychologist. Professional skills of a psychologist.
Lectures Professional ethics of a psychologist. Part 3 2011
The main options and levels of consideration of ethical problems in psychology. Basic ethical principles in the work of a psychologist. Professional ethics. Ethical principles and rules of the psychologist. Ethical standards of a psychologist.
Methodology Package Psychological tools for compiling a professiogram for a profession psychologist 2011
The work contains a package of methods for compiling a professiogram for a profession psychologist: Diagnostics of communicative abilities. Diagnostics of listening skills. Diagnosis of tolerance and empathy. Diagnostics of figurative and logical memory. Diagnosis of thinking. Diagnosis of attention. Diagnostics of creativity and originality.
Code of Psychology 2011
The Danish Codex is a consistency of ethical standards, rules of conduct, and they have been stored with the psychologist for alcohol regulation of their life.
Nikitchenko T.G. The personality of a practical psychologist 2011
The personality of a practical psychologist as a subject of professional activity: - the concept of "personality". Personality and its professional characteristics. - personality traits of a practical psychologist as a consequence of the specifics of his profession. “A psychologist is not a person, but a profession.” “A psychologist is first and foremost a person.” - Psychological burnout syndrome: its causes, stages and methods of prevention.
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