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Abstract. Intestinal infections and their prevention. Distinctive signs of intestinal infections from food poisoning of microbial nature, 2011
“Intestinal infections and their prevention. Distinctive signs of intestinal infections from foodborne infections of a microbial nature ”Acute intestinal infections include typhoid, paratyphoid A and B, dysentery, cholera, infectious hepatitis, etc. This group of diseases is characterized by the same type of localization of the pathogen (intestines), the same mechanisms and ways of infection (fecal -oral, contact-household), similar intestinal manifestations of the disease (intestinal tract dysfunction), as well as general principles of control and prevention. Sources of infection are only a sick person and a carrier; with the exception of paratyphoid B, the source of which, in addition to humans, may be some animals (cattle, pigs, birds). A special role in the spread of intestinal infections belongs to the food and waterways, which is associated with the long-term survival of pathogens in water and food.
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