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Dyachenko VG. Quality in modern medicine, 2007
The monograph is based on the results of research and development activities carried out as part of the activities of the public health research laboratory and public health organization of the SEI HPE FESU Roszdrav in 2000-2006. The author analyzes the modern approaches to quality management in modern medicine, the prerequisites for the formation of the TQM system in the context of healthcare reform, the strategy for its functioning in the market. The positions contributing to the overall quality management and the application of statistical and organizational tools of quality management are considered. The industrial models of quality assurance in the form of an organic relationship of structure, process and result, and the likely application in the production of medical services are considered.

The modern healthcare facility is presented by the author in the form of a complex system that predetermines the interaction of personnel, information flows, pharmaceutical products, as well as modern instruments, equipment and rules for carrying out diagnostic and medical procedures. To achieve high quality results, these complex system elements must be coordinated accordingly. Managing the interaction of these elements and processes is the most difficult, but at the same time decisive task in the system of organization of quality management of medical care.
Quality of care and evidence-based medicine

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