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Course work. Organization of medical care in pre-trial detention centers, 2011
Introduction Main part. Organization of work of the medical unit of the pre-trial detention center. Medical and preventive maintenance of suspects, accused and convicted in the medical unit. Rules for the transfer of suspects, accused and convicted persons in medical facilities. Indications for hospitalization in hospitals of patients with a surgical profile. Indications for hospitalization in hospitals of patients with ENT pathology. Indications for hospitalization in hospitals of urological patients. Treatment and preventive measures against certain diseases. Mental disorders. Alcoholism and drug addiction. Venereal diseases. HIV infection. Tuberculosis. Injury and poisoning. Referrals of suspects, accused and convicted persons for examination (re-examination) to medical and social examination institutions. Medical support for suspects, accused and convicted persons during transportation and release from institutions. Application.
Main part
Treatment and preventive measures for certain diseases
Sexually transmitted diseases and infectious skin diseases

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