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Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation

Department of Health Care and Resort Development

Central Research Institute of Health Organization and Informatization. Resources and activities of healthcare institutions, 2009
Key health indicators. Russian Federation. Network and personnel of medical organizations. Russian Federation. The distribution of medical organizations by subordination. Russian Federation. Medical staff. District physicians. District pediatricians. General practitioners. Doctors and paramedical ambulance personnel. Nursing staff. Activities of outpatient facilities. Provision of population with doctors of basic specialties. Russian Federation. Provision of the population with beds in basic specialties. Russian Federation. Bed fund. Activities of hospitals. The distribution of hospitals by subordination. 1Activities of hospitals by subordination. Distribution of outpatients. Russian Federation. Surgical interventions in the hospital. Russian Federation. Total. Day hospitals. Number of institutions with day hospitals. The number of places in day hospitals. The average occupancy of places in the year in day care. The number of admission to day hospitals. The average duration of a patient’s stay in day hospitals. Surgical work in day hospitals. The structure of outpatients in hospitals. Russian Federation. Rural health. A network of medical organizations providing assistance to the rural population of the Russian Federation. Hospital facilities in the countryside. Medical personnel in medical organizations in the countryside. The activities of hospitals in the countryside. Emergency. Russian Federation. The number of people who received medical care on an outpatient basis and when traveling per 1000 population. Specialized services. Cardiology Service. Russian Federation. Dental service. Russian Federation. TB service. Russian Federation. Dermatovenerological service. Russian Federation. Psychiatric service. Russian Federation. Oncology service. Russian Federation. Medical care for people with disabilities and veterans of the Great Patriotic War, soldiers-internationalists in hospitals. Russian Federation. Treatment and prevention institutions using modern methods of remuneration. The condition of the buildings of medical institutions. Emergency Medicine. The number of people affected by various types of emergencies. Russian Federation. Population affected by emergency. The forces and means of the disaster medicine service and their use to eliminate the health consequences of emergencies. Russian Federation. The number of affected in emergency situations with varying degrees of severity of the lesion. Russian Federation. The amount of medical care provided to those affected in emergency situations. Russian Federation.
Key health indicators. Russian Federation
Provision of population with beds of basic specialties. Russian Federation
Rural health
Specialized services
Emergency Medicine

Books and textbooks on the discipline Organization of the health care system:

  1. Abstract. Development and activity of PR-services in healthcare of the Russian Federation - 2012
  2. Course work. Formation of the behavior of consumers of medical services under the influence of demand - 2012
  3. Test. Organization, regulation and remuneration of labor at a healthcare enterprise - 2012
  4. Answers to the exam. Public Health and Health Organization 2011
  5. Lecture. Health Effectiveness. Determining Health Effectiveness 2011
  6. The federal law. On the basics of protecting the health of citizens in the Russian Federation - 2011
  7. Course work. Formation of a municipal task in healthcare institutions - 2011
  8. Abstract. The essence of the system and health policy - 2011
  9. Course work. Organization of medical care in pre-trial detention centers - 2011
  10. Course work. Description of indicators of public health and healthcare in the region - 2010
  11. Pishchita A.N. Legal regulation of medical activity in modern Russia - 2008
  12. Abstract. Occupational Safety Financing in the Field of Medicine - 2008
  13. Test. Personnel Assessment - 2008
  14. Team of authors. Resources and activities of health facilities. Part 1 - 2008
  15. Team of authors. Resources and activities of health facilities. Part 2 - 2008
  16. Dyachenko VG. Quality in modern medicine - 2007
  17. Pishchita A.N. Improving the legal support of medical activity in the context of healthcare reform in the Russian Federation - 2007
  18. Pishchita AN, Goncharov NG. The evolution of the legal regulation of healthcare in Russia. - Historical and legal aspects - 2007
  19. Teaching aid. Public Health and Health Practitioner Guide 2007
  20. G.V. Artamonova, V.B. Batievskaya. Industry Economics (Health Care) - 2006
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